In The Garden
Yarn Alonging


I sit and knit in silence. Works every time.

don't quite know why, but those labyrinths really work to do exactly that.

Ride my tractor. Being out on the land alone is just right.

What Carole said, or spinning does the trick, too.

I light up a pumpkin chai candle, turn on Yoga radio (Pandora) and escape to my studio to either knit or sew quietly. It frees up my mind. I hope life settles down a bit for you soon.

Knitting, of course. I also find praying my (Anglican) rosary very soothing.

Although I'd love to say "knit" (and that does help me find my "center" immensely), my #1 way to regain "peace" is to . . . walk. I find that I need to move and breathe and remember that there are things bigger than myself. The labyrinth seems just about perfect.

Yeah, I'm with Kym. Sometimes the knitting does it, but it can also be problematic and stressful -- like right now, when I'm struggling to pull together something that works. Walking -- or some type of not too strenuous physical movement that doesn't require a lot of thought (I found it vacuumming the other day, but not always!) helps to ground me, allows perspective and focus to return.

I made myself a string of prayer beads and when I need to unwind and focus I say my prayers.

That is why I hike on the weekends so I enjoy enjoy the beauty of nature. I also listen to music!

Taking a walk, praying the rosary, & knitting all help me slow down and find peace.

Drink whiskey.

OK, not really. Usually knit or go for a walk.

take a walk on the beach. Nothing grounds me faster than digging my toes in the sand and listening to the waves and seagulls

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