Wordless Weekending Wednesday


Kim's post reminded me just how easy it is to pop in and say hello, if I'm willing to try, willing to give a little extra effort, to posting to the blog. I'm willing, ready, and able to say hello!

It seems a little trite to say the weekend was amazing, but meeting Kym for the first time, and seeing Carole again, was nothing short of amazing and FUN.

Carole and Kym at SF

The colors in the canyon were nothing short of amazing and taking friends to Silver Lake at this time of year is a bit of a no-brainer.  While the canyons have forests of red oak (gambol oak), the predominate colors are yellow, yellow-green and GOLD!  I can never get enough of Silver Lake in the fall.

And, the lake is even better when my friends are there with me. Enjoying the company of friends, friends who have traveled miles and miles, is truly an honor and a joy, just as sharing time with any friend is a joy!



Everything about my trip was perfect!

Gorgeous scenery and good friends - life looks good. :)

You can tell by their faces that it was a hard trip for all;-P And, the weather was gorgeous and the colors sublime. Happy Friday dear friend!

Yay! It's always fun with grrlfriends!

Woo Hoo!

It's ALWAYS nice to see you pop in on your blog! Looks like a great weekend visit!!

It was very thoughtful of them to come at such a picturesque time. ;-D

Beautiful photos! I love gold and yellow colors mixed in with the deep green of the pines.

That is so very true, Margene. I sometimes put blogging/commenting off until I can make it bigger and better until I am paralyzed by it. I can make the effort, too! xoxo

Excellent reminder. Love seeing the photos - thanks for sharing them!

Lovely! Thanks for sharing your friends with us!

It looks and sounds like a heavenly visit. I am longing for some fall color around my neck of the woods.

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