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Everyday of the last two winters I've worn this beloved pair of Ragtops. Its wooly, soft warmth covered my hands and my wrists. No matter the task they kept the cold at bay. Sadly, as with many oft-worn hand knits, the are now full of holes. Cheryl knit them, with Shepherd's Wool, right after Susan published the pattern. I am determined to replace them, as I can't be without the warmth and coziness they provide. I have several other pair, but for day to day use, I'm partial to the Shepherd's Wool.


I'm on a bit of an unintentional Susan Lawrence kick, as I just finished Beach Glass and should be able to fit in a photo shoot this weekend. As with the best laid plans of a many a knitter, Beach Glass was to be a summer accessory. At least it will be ready for next year, but I doubt I'll be able to keep it in the closet until then.


I was just thinking that I need to knit some new mitts in black to go with my red coat that fits again after not fitting for several winters. Enjoy your new mitts!

I love my Ragtops! I've been wearing them every day this week when I walk Jenny. Shepherd's Wool is one of my favorite, general-purpose yarns. Just delightful. (And I can't wait to see the Beach Glass!)

Ah, the joy and sadness of wearing out beloved garments. The sadness of wearing out your fave and the joy of having to decide the yarn and knit another to replace it. Your color choice is so pretty.

I was wondering when you'd break down and replace those mitts. I swear you looked like Oliver Twist when you were wearing them.

I *love* my Ragtops! I didn't knit them out of the best yarn for such a project (lots of pilling), but I love the colorway to brighten a cold day, and they do the job! I knit two pair, one of each variation, and often have the "extra" pair along in case someone needs them.

I have just found your blog. I love knitting but still think of myself as a beginner. I love chunky knits that knit up quickly. The gloves look great, but as I don't order via the internet, I'll look in my wonderful local wool shop for something similar.

Wolverhampton, England

It's definitely time to replace those poor, raggedy rag-tops. I don't think that's quite what Susan had in mind when she named them.

I wonder if I will EVER finish my Ragtops?

So sad when a favorite wears out from all the love. You're fortunate that you can create a replacement that I'm sure you'll love too.

I first saw these mitts on your blog, and I promptly bought the pattern. I have now knit and gifted many of these. They're great, and I have you to thank for them!

This is a good reminder to start mine too! I have realized that I have a big lack of mitts and mittens -- need to remedy that situation. And I'm a FoS (fan of Susan) as well! :-)

Love that pattern!

Some handknits get worn to death, don't they? I'm glad you're replacing that pair. Clearly, they are the right pattern/yarn combo for you.

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