I Got Lured



When Smith inherited a beautiful martini shaker, with a matching set of glasses, from his grandmother, she told him they had been a prized possession of his grandfathers.  Since Grandfather S had passed in 1941, we guessed the set had to be from the 1930s. We loved it and we used it and, sadly, we've ended up with only 4 of the glasses. A few weeks ago we decided the last of the set was just too precious to use and we retired them to the back of the cupboard. On special occasions we bring them out again.


Cheryl and her Pontiff must have been with us when the decision was made, as Saturday night they arrived at our home with a token of friendship. Somehow Cheryl had come across a set of glasses in a similar pattern. They have a more solid base and cool frosted bands encircling the bottom. As you may expect, we broke them in immediately.

Smith and I were touched by the generous gift, and we're very excited to have a new set of heirlooms, a set we will use and use! Thank you, Cheryl (and hubby), for your treasured friendship. 


Those glasses are so cool! And what a wonderful gesture of friendship. You'll remember them which each sip (. . . so that's a lot of thoughts!) ;-)

Use them in good health! We're so happy to have you as friends.

BTW, these glasses were listed as being from the '40s.

What a thoughtful gift! I look forward to enjoying a martini in one of those glasses on my next visit.

Beautiful! Not exact, but perfectly matched... like friends.

I first read that as "we broke them immediately" Phew! Glad you just broke them in.

That was awesome and very thoughtful of them.

I collect vintage pyrex and a friend gave me three pieces during a recent trip to Chicago. Apparently, she'd been finding pieces randomly during her thrift store visits. That was so awesome of her.

How lovely!

Ah, friends. They bring so much sweetness to life when they share it with you.

Only a friend pays that kind of attention to your details. A beautiful gesture of love. Enjoy!!!!

Oh, what a delightful and thoughtful gift!

What an awesome friend! That was so thoughtful. We have some glasses that were my hubbys grandmothers that we rarely use. We are just so afraid that they will break.

what a sweet and thoughtful gesture! it is always comforting to know how well our friends know us :)

Perfect for Lemon Drop Martini's! What a wonderful friend you have in Cheryl!

Those are great!

My bro sent me the depression glass auntie sent him (paden city black forest stuff, mostly green), including 2 goblets. Mostly I don't know where to put the stuff as my dish closet is full and I don't have display space.

But the goblets? I used them to make jello during my colonoscopy prep, might as well drink/eat the stuff outta something fancy, no? And one got used for a martini last night.

I think clear works better for martinis than dark green!

And I'm a believer in using the stuff you love, even if it's heirloom or vintage.

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