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The cold is one thing, but the biggest drawback to winter is the long night, which runs from 5:00pm one day until 8:00am the next. However, there is the often a glorious pre-sunrise view to take away the sting.

The frost Saturday night left Smith scrambling through the garden to harvest the last of our veggies. Everything you see in this pot was from our garden; tomatoes, garlic, onions, basil, and everything else (except the salt and olive oil). Freshtomatosauceeverythingfromgarden

This is Vicki's fabulous Roasted Tomato Sauce and it turned out deliciously. It is now in the freezer awaiting its turn to awaken in a pot of soup (or pasta) this winter.


Such a beautiful sky. It looks like you're in for a change in weather. And, those veggies look gorgeous. So bright and fresh. That will be some amazing whatever you want this winter. But, the shorter days. pooh

Yummm! Bummer about the frost, though, as you still had a lot of veggies growing over there!

Oh, that looks absolutely delicious!

We had a light frost Friday night. And we're under red flag fire warnings right now.

I miss the daylight! But those clouds are fabulous. (And Vicki's roasted tomato sauce is terrific!)

You can't go wrong with that sauce.

That looks so yummy! The girls are usually in their coop by 630 now. The time between dinner and animals is getting shorter. I think it will have to be flipped soon.

Longer nights let us cozy up and enjoy our homes.

Oh, what a fabulous sky!!

I love prepping a pan of goodies for sauce -- it's always so colorful and turns out so delicious (I haven't had a bad combo yet)!

Wonderful dky!

The shorter days are already getting to me. I fear it will be along winter.

Frost already! The tradeoff is yummy stuff, and the end of the harvest.

Our garden, alas, is played out. It was a sorry year for veggies, but the raspberries went crazy. I'll have to hit the farmer's market so I can make the sauce!

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