Frankly Friday
Wordless Weekending Wednesday


The weekend was full of planning, doing, working to get ready for guests and the fun, albeit fast paced weekend ahead.

The list of things to do last weekend included laundry (guest beds), checking out the new "blow up" bed, cleaning the "facilities", and general house-keeping.

There is a great deal of angst involved in readying for guests...and excitement!

I'm working on being laid back but I can't help but worry about it.

The house is still in various states of disrepair. Pictures are not hung, and may not be.  Probably won't be.

Anyway, this past weekend turned out to be beautiful as the smoke blue away!

The mountains are colorful and the air is cooling. We expect rain!

Saturday night, before we went to a party, we grabbed a quick dinner and as we walked from the restaurant I spotted this bakery.

If course, I had to go in a bust their chops see if they had anything GF. THEY DID!! In fact, they always have GF cupcakes. 

Every once in awhile I want a piece of cake, which means I must bake a whole cake. I don't want the WHOLE cake, I just want one piece. 

Now there are two places very close to home where I can pick up a bit of deliciousness. I guarantee you can't tell the cupcake is GF. It just tastes fabulous!
Lucky me!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Weekending with Amanda, of Habit of Being.


Trust me, your guests will not notice nor will they care. It's all about the people, people, people!! ;)

Also? Yum.

I will definitely have to try that bakery some time. I normally don't do cupcakes since they're often disappointing, but if it won the cupcake wars, I'm sure it's worth trying.

I totally understand the angst....I get it as well, but really, I know your company will not notice anything other than spending wonderful time with you and Smith.


Listen, I am coming to see YOU and SMITH and KYM. I am not coming to see your house. I appreciate so much that you invited me (did you? or did I invite myself again? LOL) and I don't want you to have any angst or stress. None. 3 more sleeps.

There is nothing wrong with leaning framed stuff against a wall or sitting on a table. Never mind that the girls are coming to see you. Not to check the pantry to make sure all the spices are in alphabetical order. Hello!


Did you use my helpful toilet cleaning tip :D Heh.

Lucky you!!! It looks delicious. :)

Entertained by you and Smith? That would be all that matters. No one except you notices the pictures. :)

My neighbor works at the Foothill location and has me hooked on the Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes and the lemon Cakebites. Yum!

I'm so glad you have that resource. Boise still doesn't get the GF thing, though there is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant that Cheryl introduced me to (in MY town!) That has some great GF meals. I love my trips to Portland where I stock up on goodies to fill my freezer. Enjoy!!

Enjoy your visit! xo

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