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The weekend was full of planning, doing, working to get ready for guests and the fun, albeit fast paced weekend ahead.

The list of things to do last weekend included laundry (guest beds), checking out the new "blow up" bed, cleaning the "facilities", and general house-keeping.

There is a great deal of angst involved in readying for guests...and excitement!

I'm working on being laid back but I can't help but worry about it.

The house is still in various states of disrepair. Pictures are not hung, and may not be.  Probably won't be.

Anyway, this past weekend turned out to be beautiful as the smoke blue away!

The mountains are colorful and the air is cooling. We expect rain!

Saturday night, before we went to a party, we grabbed a quick dinner and as we walked from the restaurant I spotted this bakery.

If course, I had to go in a bust their chops see if they had anything GF. THEY DID!! In fact, they always have GF cupcakes. 

Every once in awhile I want a piece of cake, which means I must bake a whole cake. I don't want the WHOLE cake, I just want one piece. 

Now there are two places very close to home where I can pick up a bit of deliciousness. I guarantee you can't tell the cupcake is GF. It just tastes fabulous!
Lucky me!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Weekending with Amanda, of Habit of Being.

Frankly Friday


Frankly, I meant to come back with another post this week, but time gets away from me and good intentions are derailed. My work place has been crazy-busy this week (and will stay that way for a while), which gives me little to no time for checking out the "net". Frankly, I barely have time for tea. (Apple courtesy of a co-worker who has a tree full!)

Smokyhazymorningsep 19

The smoky, hazy days are getting to me, but a cool front moving through should move out the smoke come Monday. But, frankly, the skies have been quite beautiful and unusual just before sunrise.

Frankly, next week is going to be a blast!! Monday, Book Club (25th year!!),Tuesday, SnB (time to see peeps!), and Thursday? Well, all the fun starts to happen! First, Kym arrives and, frankly, I can't wait to meet her IRL!  Later than night (yawn) Carole arrives and I can't wait for a Carole hug!  We have planned a fun, full, lovely weekend of sight-seeing, knitting, retreating and all that goes with grrlfriend meet ups.  I plan on a Monday post, but can't really say whether I can fit anything in beyond that, but I will be back. (Frankly, I have a huge grin on my face already!)

More Decision Making

I'm a big fan of audio books as I can listen while doing other things, but there are many books to read and, anyway, I love holding the "real thing" in my hands from time to time.  Lately, the act of reading has taken over my knitting time and getting into a good mystery completely takes over any spare time.


The project on the needles is Susan's Beach Glass (Susan has returned to blogland!), in a very interesting yarn, Anzula Breeze, a silk/linen blend. It's going to be lovely (if it ever has a chance to be finished).

Yarn Alonging with Small Things.

Demise of the Sky

It took me awhile to come to a realization (sometimes I am slow on the uptake), but once the light came on I was able to clarify my goals and make decisions. The problem had been the weight of too many projects. I am not good at juggling and the WIP basket was turning into a circus. So, out, out, out went the projects that were weighing me down. Up,up out of the basket came the projects that made my heart sing. Hurray!, said my peace of mind. What a relief, said I.


You will ask which of my projects bit the dust and I must confess the Sky Skarf was first to be abandoned. Happy, so happy, was I to see it go. All its ends, its short little rag of a mess, was unceremoniously stuff into a bag and tossed. The poor little thing was a good project gone bad and the fault was all my own. The beautiful blue yarns were saved for another day, another project. At least they are not part of a WIP. They have a future.

The blue skies of the first of September have not continue on, as a fire somewhere to the west of us has once again filled the valley with smoke. I am hopefully it will not last long.

Best Time of Year!


The weekend was to result in a couple of blog posts, but the time at the computer never quiet materialized. Finding great sky photos has not been a problem as the weather is fabulous day after day.  The amount of produce coming from the garden is amazing and we can hardly share it fast enough, let alone eat it all.  This is a wonderful time of year!

The intention is to be back within the next couple of days, my friends! I am here, all is well, and there may even have been knitting going on!