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Demise of the Sky

It took me awhile to come to a realization (sometimes I am slow on the uptake), but once the light came on I was able to clarify my goals and make decisions. The problem had been the weight of too many projects. I am not good at juggling and the WIP basket was turning into a circus. So, out, out, out went the projects that were weighing me down. Up,up out of the basket came the projects that made my heart sing. Hurray!, said my peace of mind. What a relief, said I.


You will ask which of my projects bit the dust and I must confess the Sky Skarf was first to be abandoned. Happy, so happy, was I to see it go. All its ends, its short little rag of a mess, was unceremoniously stuff into a bag and tossed. The poor little thing was a good project gone bad and the fault was all my own. The beautiful blue yarns were saved for another day, another project. At least they are not part of a WIP. They have a future.

The blue skies of the first of September have not continue on, as a fire somewhere to the west of us has once again filled the valley with smoke. I am hopefully it will not last long.


I am not surprised that the sky scarf is toast. I'm glad you are happy with the decision and not bemoaning it's demise. Onward!

Doesn't it feel fabulous when you let a project-gone-wrong . . . GO? Life is simply too short for projects that weigh you down. Good work, Margene!

You are in charge - huzzah!

It's so hard to do that, but so freeing. Good for you, even though I thought it was beautiful. I'm so sorry about your sky. We have finally had some interesting ones, including rain clouds and everything. It's 49 this morning. Wish I could send some your way!!!!

I second Carole. Glad you got rid of that psychic weight. Next! :-)

I must admit that mine never even took off - at least yours had wings. ;) I love the concept but the reality is a complete slog. Good for you, Margene!

Lead, follow, or get out of the way, eh?

Making the decision to let go is so freeing, isn't it?

Wow! I have a lot of trouble letting go, so I admire your decision.

You're always inspiring!

Good for you! I love multiple WIPS... but not when they get forgotten. I started my Ravelry Finish or Frog It Friday Group and it's been such a blessing to get everyone's encouragement to FROG things. It's such a weight off the shoulders. And it's OK to frog something that's no longer speaking to you. That thing we loved in the moment of casting on, somethings starts yelling at us "What were you thinking? You don't even like me any more!" - and it's OK to frog it. Hopefully this purging will brighten your September skies!

May you be a motivator for me. I've got some serious work invested in UFO's sitting in bags in the closet. How freeing it would be to just take an afternoon and rip.

Yay! Good decision.

Just the thought of all those ends makes me feel foggy. I have a project that really needs to be eradicated from the knitting bag, but I so wanted it to work. It's the Seaweed Wrap by Alice Starmore that you knit, but we seem to be butting heads. Knitting should be a pleasure not a burden. There are too many delightful projects out there waiting to be knit. That's it, I think I've talked myself into it. I'm off to frog.

I did the same thing recently. Pulled out all those projects that were going nowhere.

Down to 2.

I'm proud of you realizing that that scarf was weighing you down. Onward and upward!

Goodbye, Sky Scarf! :)

You lasted far long on the sky scarf project than i would have. Decisiveness can be a blessing.

Life is too short to slog thru things that aren't making you happy with your hobbies. There are plenty of opportunities to slog in the rest of one's life. OUT with it!

Life is to short to not be happy with your knitting. Congrats on letting go.

SO happy to see you posting again!! I have found that when I have too many projects going I work on them less. I am much better at staying true to one project at a time. :-)

I feel like I'm in a similar boat. Perhaps I need to do some weeding this weekend.

Buh-bye, Sky! Letting go of the things that don't work is so freeing. Enjoy doing what pleases you! xo

Makes perfect sense. You were not in love. Makes no sense to work on a burden. Liberates lots of pretty blue yarn for future love.

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