Perhaps You Had to Be There
Demise of the Sky

Best Time of Year!


The weekend was to result in a couple of blog posts, but the time at the computer never quiet materialized. Finding great sky photos has not been a problem as the weather is fabulous day after day.  The amount of produce coming from the garden is amazing and we can hardly share it fast enough, let alone eat it all.  This is a wonderful time of year!

The intention is to be back within the next couple of days, my friends! I am here, all is well, and there may even have been knitting going on!


Gorgeous sky indeed!! :) We have rain today, which we desperately need.

It's wonderful here, too. I love September!

Helping w/my knitting woes took up your computer time...but thanks -- you're a genius (but...was there ever any doubt 'bout that?)!

So glad your days have been filled with lovely skies! September is such a wonderful month.

Your September is (usually) our October, and I can hardly wait!

That sky is SO blue and clear! Beautiful. Here in New England, we have had a nice change in the weather as well. Nights are cool, days are warm, we have bright sun and gentle breezes. Tomorrow night there will be some rain, but that is good, too. Sun should shine again by Wed. afternoon they say. Looking forward to seeing your knitting.

Isn't harvest a fabulous time of year?

I love September too! Is there any state where the weather is like this 365 days of the year? I'm ready to move to it!

Beautiful sky and harvest time is the neatest time of the year. All the hard work and the reward is wonderful eating!!!!

What a wonderful sight your onions and skies are!

Take your time. Enjoy your harvest and your knitting.

Lovely sky! Are the onions cippolini? They look great :^)

My how your garden grows!

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