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My usual MO is to stay focused on one or two projects, and I was doing well until Marin and Occitan came along. Their draw was strong, a draw that has been unusual as late, so I decided to jump in and see where this case of startitis would go.


The beginning of Marin seemed to go quiet well and I was excited to be knitting with Kim's yarn (Kashmir Sock). But then, (cue ominous music) the pattern got a little confusing, the chart more so, and even starting again (and again) has had me in a befuddlement. I vented to Cheryl, who had also found the pattern confusing, but she was further along than I. Talking to her helped me get things straight (I hope), but without her advise and support I may have remained befuddled and, in the end, given up.  May the third fourth time be the charm. (I will keep you posted.)


Because of my befuddlement with one project, I decided it was time to start another. Perhaps, thought I, I am a glutton for punishment, but with high hopes, I started Occitan. Right from the beginning everything went smoothly and I was able to understand the instructions and line up the increases properly. I am so relieved, and quiet delighted, with the results of yarn and pattern. The color, Cumulonimbus, has happy written all over it.


The picture of blue on stones is beautiful, and that will be quite a shawl. I hear you on the confusion. Sometimes the pattern directions just aren't clear. Fourth time? You are more stalwart than I.

I do love both patterns. Hopefully, Marin will start behaving. The colors are rich a beautiful, but right now I'm in love with Occitan. The pattern is so cool!!!!!!! Happy Hump Day, grrl!

I've been struggling through The Buds of May shawl, by Carol Sunday - lovely pattern, but has had me tearing my hair out regularly. The main problem for me is that it is a chart, and I'm not very visual, but I have found it quite confusing at times. I'm now over half way through, so the rest should be easy.

With your knitting skills I'm sure you'll get there with Marin.

Good luck.


Those are both gorgeous already! Glad you have the Cheryl resource handy. :)

Well, Marin *looks* like a fun knit - hopefully it will start to behave for you!

Beautiful colors on both, that should help some and of course pleasant yarn. But I know what you mean having to unknit and reknit several quite long rows of lace last night. Believe it was pilot error........
Good vibes for forward movement.

Maybe Kim's beautiful yarn doesn't want to be that. ;)

Occitan is a lovely color -- can't wait to see your progress, and I'm glad it's going well from the get-go!

Hey, one out of two isn't so bad. Maybe you should start another so it could be two out of three? I hate when patterns are confusing but at least you're sticking with it.

Gorgeous colors in both of those projects! I know you'll get it figured out and trundle onward!

Maybe Cheryl would just knit Marin for you? Heh.

Both projects look beautiful Margene! That Occitan looks very tempting!

Such lovely knits! Usually, my best efforts in the end . . . had really rough starts! Hang with it, Margene! The end result will be beautiful!

Oh, I get so frustrated when I biff a pattern and then biff it again - which just happened. For me it's a project I've already knit once and thought it'd be an easy knit for a friend's birthday. Alas. My assumption was wrong, as assumptions are wont to be! I hope we both can find some pockets of clarity in our knitting fog!

I'm wanting to give in to startitus myself!

Both of your new projects are so lovely! I hope the confusing one gets better, maybe with some Ravelry help group. I wish I had ordered the shawl kit when it was available, so I got on the ball and ordered their newest kit- the cowl-neck pullover in garter. I'm looking forward to that one.

I'm glad Occitan is going smoothly and I hope it helps keep you calm as you tackle Marin. They are both sure to be very lovely. xo

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