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When messing around (read: wasting time) on the Ravelry boards, I ran across a link to a beautiful shawl. The lace border was elegant and unusual, yet substantial. The way the shawl was comprised of eight swirling sections, as well as the half circle shape, was also enticing. I click on the link provided on the Ravelry board (for life of me I can't remember which one) and found a selection of kits. I decided on a color and placed my order.  I had no idea the kits were a "commodity", as I later heard from others. 


The yarn, Posh, in color Cumulonimbus, is dyed by Uncommon Thread and the pattern, Occitan, is designed by Beth Kling. It's all I can do to hold myself back from casting on.


And I can see why! That, Margene, is one lucky find! (How did we find things to knit before Ravelry? I can hardly remember now. . .)

So what are you waiting for???

I cannot wait to see it. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern is lovely. And, yes, ma'dear, Ravelry can be a huge time suck, but oh what fun!

I see no reason to wait - get that pretty thing on the needles! :)

Oh, for goodness sake...get going! You probably already have?

Heh, how long will you be able to keep yourself from casting on??

Lady Luck was with you. Some times it pays to play.

Yum! The list just gets longer and longer.

Oooh, lovely!

What a pretty pattern/yarn combo!

so get going! I can totally see why you fell for this--love the pattern and the yarn!

Good for you! And such a lovely colorway.

I can see the allure! You'll have Beach Glass done in no time and then what a lovely project to welcome in the change in seasons. Of course, just casting on and knitting a few rows to whet the appetite might be fun...

oh! that color! love, love, love and am drooling over here. cannot wait to see how that beauty grows!

Why hold yourself? Cast on and enjoy!

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