Blue Moon


The bike stand outside my favorite book store has been covered with yarn graffiti for quite some time.   Last week I had my camera with me and was able to get a nice shot of it while in use. 

I've been a little distracted by books, by Netflix, by back pain, and by keeping up with life in general. Knitting has been sparse and, you could say, overwhelming. Focused on anyone thing, I am not.

Starting today I have a long weekend ahead, and I'm considering my options.


Cool yarn bombing! I hope you find some focus this weekend. Most of all, though, I hope you are pain free and having fun.

Very cool photo indeed! I hope you have a peaceful and pain free long weekend. Hugs.

Love the yarn-bomb! So cheerful and happy! Enjoy your weekend, Margene. Take care of yourself and let the book-distraction continue. (The knitting will sort itself out; it usually does. . . )

That is so cool. Take good care, dearheart. Sometimes life comes up and whaps us upside the head and we just have to chill. Hugs and have a restful wonderful weekend!!!!!!

Do a little reading, a little watching, a little knitting, oh, and a little sipping...but most of all do whatever you damn well please and get a lot of R & R. xo

That is SO cool!
Focus for me has been fleeting as well this summer. Hang in there. :-)

I hope the back pain feels better soon! <3

Nicely done yarn bomb!

I hope you have a lovely long weekend and that whatever you do is relaxing. :)

Cool yarn bomb, but even cooler bike rack -- love that!!

I have been churning out little hexagons and feeling like I should be doing something more substantial, but I think maybe mindless, colorful, eye-candy hexagons are just what I need right now!

Enjoy your long weekend (yay!), and I hope your back feels better soon, too.

As Suzy said, do a little of whatever makes the weekend fun for you.

I personally am drowning in cherry tomatoes!

Back pain can make one's world come to an abrupt halt. I hope you get some relief soon.

The bombed bike is very cool!

Love the bike rack. So sorry about your back - hope it leaves quickly.

"I'm considering my options."
Oh, dear, that sounds ominous.

Love the yarn bomb...what fun!
Hope your back is better asap. Walking sometimes helps mine.
Have a good weekend. :)

Oh my. Isn't that something. o.O

I am so sorry that you are still in pain, my friend. I hope you can get some relief soon. Enjoy your weekend. xoxox

Sorry to hear the back has kicked up. I know you know how to take care of it.

I'm always amazed that people have time to knit things for yarn bombing. Hope you feel better soon!

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