An Age Old Knitters Lament
Breathing Easier

Don't Breathe

Can you see my mountain? The view is obsured by smoke from wildfires as far away as Seattle.  Every state west of Utah has a wildfire sending smoke directly into the Salt Lake Valley.  "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" ...the smoke all comes here.

Yes, that is the sun, around 10:00am Saturday morning, but all the days of August have looked this same way. The only "good thing" is the perspective and the dimension of the peaks. Hey, just don't take a breath while you're here.


Not only are the fires a tragedy, they have totally messed up your air. Take good care, dearheart. I hope the winds blow it away, and soon. Maybe you can get up to the lake, then. Hugs and Happy Monday (meh)!!!!

Hm. I'll bet that's why our sunsets have been so pretty... it's a pity. Wishing for improvement on all fronts!

It's easy to relate--we had the same skies here in Colorado during June and early July. The result for me was severe problems with asthma. The fires in the West are a tragedy of monumental scope. Try to stay well and take care of yourself.

I so feel for you, Margene! Our entire June and good bit of July was much the same.

13 fires in CA, 12 in NV, 10 in ID -- we're surrounded...cough, choke, burn. Really sucks.

There are times like that in Arizona too!

And people wonder why we hate the month of August. Hang in there, sweetie. Fall is coming!

Yikes!! :( I feel as if I should run get my inhaler just from looking at the photo...

That's really impressive. I hope the drought ends soon, and drowns the fires.

Sorry to hear that the air sucks. The picture is amazing. Hoping for better air for you as September approaches.

Boo....that is terrible! Hopefully clean cool air and gentle rains will head your way soon. :-)

The air quality is horrible here as well. You can see the smoke blow down the block. We lost a firefighter last week. I am looking forward to some relief, but it doesn't seem to be on the horizon. Take good care of yourself in the heat and smoke!

It looks ethereal but I know how that smoke can take it's toll. A few years ago there was a big fire in Canada and the smoke blew down this way. We were at a reenactment so there was no escaping it and it was brutal on our breathing.

It's awful - all that destruction. Wishing rain to all the affected areas.

It's a pretty picture, but horrible that all those fires are causing such devastation.

Blech! I hope all is clear in time for your Blue Moon! xo

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