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Pretty great skies, right? For the most part, July's skies were blue, sometimes streaked or dotted with interesting cloud formations.

Even when we were subject to extreme heat (100+) the skies were beautiful, not the hazy white skies, filled with layers of smog and ozone, we've suffered through in years past.

Great sunrises and sunsets have graced the skies, as have a few days of scattered showers and not quite realized thunderstorms.

While writing this post it came to me that I have not touched the Sky Skarf since July 1st, half way, and the point I should be starting to decrease.

Being at the point (pun intended) of a project growing smaller is something to celebrate, which I may do by catching up a months worth of rows. Um, yeah, that would be a good idea, no?


This year seems to be just flying by! I can hardly believe it's already (past) time to be working the decreases on your sky scarf.

Those are GORGEOUS sky shots!

Seems like the weekend should be a great time to catch up on your sky scarf. Beautiful photos!

You know, I was wondering about your Sky scarf. I'm looking forward to seeing the rows for July!!!! Happy Thursday, Dear One!!!!

Oh, TERRIFIC skies!! ;)

The skies have been beautiful, but hard to figure out what colors to use in the scarf.

Ah, so that's why we haven't heard anything about the Sky Scarf! You have some lovely colors to look forward to catching up on.

Poignant idea, because it means your summer is waning, the year is waning.

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