Don't Breathe
Perhaps You Had to Be There

Breathing Easier

Shortly after my last post the smoky air was blown away with the wind.  What a relief to see the skies clear and the beautiful days of August return. While the weather continued to be warmer than normal for several more days, we are now in a cooling pattern.

The only pictures on my camera are the sky photos I take on my way to and from work.

Aug 26th 7:45am

Aug 29 7:45am

Aug 30 7:45am

Aug 22 4:40pm

Enjoy the last long weekend of summer!


I always love your sky pictures!!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Gorgeous photos!! Glad the air cleared. :)

We had a mostly cooler than normal August until this week.

Have a great weekend!

I'm hot! Thankfully, cooler weather is on the way. I was going to say that perhaps this was the last of it, and then I remembered sitting in Lambeau Field at an October football game in the 90s...

Have a terrific weekend!!

I don't think I've ever seen a triangular shaped cloud like the one on your Aug 30th picture. Very Cool!

I do miss the spectacular skies of SLC! Glad the smoke has cleared for you!

That fat clouds are such a good sign.

So pretty!! We are now watching the rain from Isaac fall. Grateful. Relax and enjoy your weekend, dear one!

Nobody does BLUE like Utah. I hope you see clear skies all weekend.

Wow, those are some very dramatic sky photos! Enjoy your weekend!

Wow! That's an amazing sky-scene you've got there! Love it! (And. . . now that it's September I'll say it out loud. . . I can't wait to see it for MYSELF!!!)

Gorgeous! I'm sure it had something to do with my arrival in SLC...yes, I'm based there now (well for now...). I brought the cooling trend and rain with me.

Lovely photos!

gorgeous! such beauty. i think my camera would be full of sky photos too :)

There certainly is less light already!! Hope you have a happy late summer weekend!

Hooray for clear skies! xo

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