August Skies

Blue Moon


Sometime my reward for being an early riser is the chance to see the moon just before it slips beyond the horizon. On the morning of August 2nd I saw the first moon of this blue moon month.  I may stay up late enough to see the 2nd moon, the blue moon of August on the 31st, and maybe even catch it at both ends of the day. 


So beautiful!

OUr newscasters made a big deal of the blue moon. So I hope we have no clouds that day, too. I like my iPhone app that howls on the full moon day.

I get up early, too, but I rarely shoot a photo at that time of day. Lovely moon.


I love the peace of the mornings. Your photo certainly captures that. Happy weekend!


Once In A Very Blue Moon

And don't forget the Perseids early tomorrow morning.

Magical!! Thanks for sharing!

I so wish I was an early riser....I miss so many things....:( Beautiful!

How lovely!

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