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Sadly, the skies of August have been full of smoke from the wildfires which surround the valley. The last clear blue day captured with my camera was on July 28th. Saturday's post marked my 2,000th and I'd meant to say something, as well as reach the 64,100th comment. The first comment on the post turned out to be 64,100, which was left by Vicki. Perfect! She's having a contest and you simple see what's she has up her sleeve!  I guarantee she'll have a lovely prize package for the winner.

Lately, my audio book time has been taken up by listening to podcasts.  I'm taken with podcasts by a couple of book bloggers, as well as, This American Life from NPR.  The only knitting podcast I listen to is the Yarniacs. I was honored to be mentioned by Sharlene on the most recent episode (16). Sharlene and her friend Gale chat about what they're wearing, what's on their needles, and patterns that have caught their eye over the last few weeks. I find it delightful to hear two friends chatting and laughing together. Check it out!


Hope the air clears soon! I've never listened to a knitting podcast (although I regularly listen to both This American Life and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me from NPR). I'll have to check out Yarniacs!

Such a pretty blue sky with such pretty puffy clouds. Clouds have been rare here this summer, but we are not moving toward fall at a rather disturbing rate. I'm noticing the mornings have changed as well. The lights and shadows are becoming more fall like. Ah, well. Such is life. Happy Monday, Margene!!!

You know, I've just never gotten into podcasts. I should probably give them another try, especially with a recommendation from you. I hope you get some beautiful blue skies again soon.

Ugh, I hope your sky clears soon!

64,100, eh? Wow. That's just amazing!! Your blogging resonates with and touches so many readers, Margene; you're a treasure out there in Utah. XOX ;)

I pretty much stopped listening to podcasts when I went back to work, since I was normally listening to them during the day. I got so far behind on them that I just stopped downloading them. I've never heard of Yarniacs, but This American Life was one of my favs.

The smoke makes everything harder this time of year. I hope things clear out and calm down soon.

Congrats on 2000 posts! :)

:( about the smoke.

So many fires, so scary. 64,100...astonishing number!

gorgeous photo!!

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