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Breathing Easier

Shortly after my last post the smoky air was blown away with the wind.  What a relief to see the skies clear and the beautiful days of August return. While the weather continued to be warmer than normal for several more days, we are now in a cooling pattern.

The only pictures on my camera are the sky photos I take on my way to and from work.

Aug 26th 7:45am

Aug 29 7:45am

Aug 30 7:45am

Aug 22 4:40pm

Enjoy the last long weekend of summer!

Don't Breathe

Can you see my mountain? The view is obsured by smoke from wildfires as far away as Seattle.  Every state west of Utah has a wildfire sending smoke directly into the Salt Lake Valley.  "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" ...the smoke all comes here.

Yes, that is the sun, around 10:00am Saturday morning, but all the days of August have looked this same way. The only "good thing" is the perspective and the dimension of the peaks. Hey, just don't take a breath while you're here.

An Age Old Knitters Lament

There are a couple of reasons why I didn't want to cast on for either Occitan or Marin. You see, I'm easily overwhelmed and distracted by more than one project, plus at this point in time, I am not a fast knitter. The days of 12 sweaters a year are over. (I knit 11 that year but I had a good excuse for not reaching the goal.)

My production is limited and I'm not a fan of an overload of WIPs, even less a fan of UFOs waiting in the wings. However, there are times when a pattern just won't let go, the idea of knitting it, of wearing it, or of wanting it, just does not abate. One must do what one must do. And I did.


Even though there are more projects on my needles than usual, I have been knitting, a little here and there, on them all and I have not forsaken the elegant and, eminately enjoyable, Beach Glass

Three projects are more than enough, but the finish line for each is a little further away.  One must do what one must do, which means I'll just keep knitting.

The Way Things Go

My usual MO is to stay focused on one or two projects, and I was doing well until Marin and Occitan came along. Their draw was strong, a draw that has been unusual as late, so I decided to jump in and see where this case of startitis would go.


The beginning of Marin seemed to go quiet well and I was excited to be knitting with Kim's yarn (Kashmir Sock). But then, (cue ominous music) the pattern got a little confusing, the chart more so, and even starting again (and again) has had me in a befuddlement. I vented to Cheryl, who had also found the pattern confusing, but she was further along than I. Talking to her helped me get things straight (I hope), but without her advise and support I may have remained befuddled and, in the end, given up.  May the third fourth time be the charm. (I will keep you posted.)


Because of my befuddlement with one project, I decided it was time to start another. Perhaps, thought I, I am a glutton for punishment, but with high hopes, I started Occitan. Right from the beginning everything went smoothly and I was able to understand the instructions and line up the increases properly. I am so relieved, and quiet delighted, with the results of yarn and pattern. The color, Cumulonimbus, has happy written all over it.

August Skies


Sadly, the skies of August have been full of smoke from the wildfires which surround the valley. The last clear blue day captured with my camera was on July 28th. Saturday's post marked my 2,000th and I'd meant to say something, as well as reach the 64,100th comment. The first comment on the post turned out to be 64,100, which was left by Vicki. Perfect! She's having a contest and you simple see what's she has up her sleeve!  I guarantee she'll have a lovely prize package for the winner.

Lately, my audio book time has been taken up by listening to podcasts.  I'm taken with podcasts by a couple of book bloggers, as well as, This American Life from NPR.  The only knitting podcast I listen to is the Yarniacs. I was honored to be mentioned by Sharlene on the most recent episode (16). Sharlene and her friend Gale chat about what they're wearing, what's on their needles, and patterns that have caught their eye over the last few weeks. I find it delightful to hear two friends chatting and laughing together. Check it out!

Blue Moon


Sometime my reward for being an early riser is the chance to see the moon just before it slips beyond the horizon. On the morning of August 2nd I saw the first moon of this blue moon month.  I may stay up late enough to see the 2nd moon, the blue moon of August on the 31st, and maybe even catch it at both ends of the day. 


The bike stand outside my favorite book store has been covered with yarn graffiti for quite some time.   Last week I had my camera with me and was able to get a nice shot of it while in use. 

I've been a little distracted by books, by Netflix, by back pain, and by keeping up with life in general. Knitting has been sparse and, you could say, overwhelming. Focused on anyone thing, I am not.

Starting today I have a long weekend ahead, and I'm considering my options.


When messing around (read: wasting time) on the Ravelry boards, I ran across a link to a beautiful shawl. The lace border was elegant and unusual, yet substantial. The way the shawl was comprised of eight swirling sections, as well as the half circle shape, was also enticing. I click on the link provided on the Ravelry board (for life of me I can't remember which one) and found a selection of kits. I decided on a color and placed my order.  I had no idea the kits were a "commodity", as I later heard from others. 


The yarn, Posh, in color Cumulonimbus, is dyed by Uncommon Thread and the pattern, Occitan, is designed by Beth Kling. It's all I can do to hold myself back from casting on.

Day After Day


Pretty great skies, right? For the most part, July's skies were blue, sometimes streaked or dotted with interesting cloud formations.

Even when we were subject to extreme heat (100+) the skies were beautiful, not the hazy white skies, filled with layers of smog and ozone, we've suffered through in years past.

Great sunrises and sunsets have graced the skies, as have a few days of scattered showers and not quite realized thunderstorms.

While writing this post it came to me that I have not touched the Sky Skarf since July 1st, half way, and the point I should be starting to decrease.

Being at the point (pun intended) of a project growing smaller is something to celebrate, which I may do by catching up a months worth of rows. Um, yeah, that would be a good idea, no?