Cast On, Bind Off Book Winner
And Even More Weekending



When Tuesday is a holiday, it's a good idea to take Monday off and extend the celebration. That's just what I'm doing, as I am much in need of a four day weekend.

Early Sunday morning I could see the sky starting to color. Lately, beautiful sunrises have been few and far between and, with the pink tinge in the sky, I knew today could hold a golden opportunity.I jumped out of bed, made a quick stop for the camera, and hightailed it out the door. The sky was full of pink clouds and tints of golden fire. After I'd absorbed the morning light and snapped a few pictures, I turned to head back inside. In the moisture of the atmosphere, I spotted a rainbow just as it was trying to form. It was a glorious morning!


Even with this humid start to the day, it ended up being hot and dry.

Weekending with Amanda of Habit of Being


Breathtaking. Yay for the 4-day weekend!

So amazingly beautiful!!

So beautiful. Does that become a scarf row??

I may have missed the morning, but we got to enjoy the thunderstorm and sunset last night.

Wonderful photo! Hot and dry is the operative word in the West. More 100 degree days in the Denver area than ever. Stay cool!

What a gorgeous photo, with the almost-rainbow! Enjoy your days off!

Those pictures are wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wish I lived in Utah! You got some beautiful pictures. Enjoy your 4 day weekend.

Beautiful! Have a great long weekend!

That is one GORGEOUS sky! Enjoy your break!

Enjoy your Tuesday. And, here's hoping Monday was great fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous sky photos - thanks for sharing them!

Wonderful photos of your beautiful morning sky!

Fabulous sky and fabulous photos of it! Can't wait to see how you incorporate these colors into your sky scarf. I had never heard of this particular holiday in Utah, but I'm glad you planned a 4 day weekend to enjoy it. Of course, I'm sure very few people outside of MA have heard of our "evacuation day" and "Bunker Hill" holidays!

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