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Nearly 5,000 knitters have made, or are in the process of making, Color Affection by Veera Välimäki. To my mind, the pattern has been popular because it can be knit in a multitude of color combinations, as well as a veritable mountain of yarn choices. The knitter is in charge and can create a simply, comfortable, suitable wrap to match their style. Genius.


My first attempt at knitting Color Affecton was a fail, as the silk yarn was unyielding and uncomfortable.  Many of my friends advised I should listen to my inner voice and I realizing they were right. The silk was frogged and more suitable yarn ordered from Vicki's new company Make.Do. Vicki's eye for color is informed by her years of photographic experience, as well as enhanced by her innate talent. The yarn she dyed is perfect in color and, with her added variations of tints and tones, exactly what I wanted.


The pattern is fairly straight forward as long as you read it carefully.  Some people have worried about the edge being too tight and some about it being too loose.  In my usual fashion, I gave it no thought and just jumped in. My knitting is on the tighter side of a gauge, which lead me to added a YO between the first two stitches. The YO was then dropped on the next row, which kept the edge from becoming firm and without give. As far as I'm concerned, doing so was the right thing for my shawl, my yarn, and my style. YMMV


Together the yarn and pattern create a coziness of a perfect cool weather into winter wrap. Color Affection, my Color Affection, will ensure I'll be wrapped in warmth and luxury for many winters to come.

Color me happy!


It looks great and I love it. I haven't been tempted to make this one because I don't usually enjoy working with different colors at once. I may have to rethink that. I love your haircut, too! It's sassy and adorable and perfect for you!

I love it! And the added red before the bind off row- anchors the colors perfectly. Wear it in health and happiness Margene.

It's beautiful! I splurged and purchased some Wollmeise for mine. I hope to cast on in the next week or so. ;)

Again, it's fabulous!! Love the haircut. Looks great and so do you. This is your summer of shawls!!!!!

I love it, Margene! It's perfect in every way. I have the yarn all picked out for mine, and plan to cast on soon. (I had a great time just digging around in my stash to find my "just right" color combination!) (And Carole is right --- your haircut looks sassy and adorable!)


It looks fabulous! I haven't made it, but I've loved seeing it appear in at knitting group, on Ravelry and blogdom. You're absolutely right - there is something about it that is appealing to so many. Wear yours well!

I love it! Thank you for knitting with my yarn. I am somewhat verklempt.

I made one earlier this year and tried very hard to carry it loosely up the side. It is *barely* loose enough. I'll definitely use the yarnover trick on the next one.


Beautiful! The colors look great! I just received the yarn I ordered for mine and can't wait to start.

This is a great looking shawl. Someone at my LYS had named it "Color Affliction" and that scared me off a bit. You've motivated me to rethink that! Used the yarnover trick on the last shawl I knit and love, love, love it! It gives stretch to the edge without being messy!

I do love your color choices. Sometimes, I just cruise through the project pages to see what people are doing. I should be starting my stripes soon. If I can stop knitting Duck Soup.

What a lovely shawl. Your smile is so joyful, I'm certain this will be the perfect accessory for the coming winter.

Thanks for the pictures (great knitting job, too). I have finished my shawl, but not figured out a good way to wear it...and you showed us two ways!

So perfect for you Margene!! I've had my yarn chosen for a while but haven't cast on yet - just waiting for the waters of priority to part and make room for a project for *me*. Love seeing your garden in the background! This is one that you'll wear for a long time. :)

Beautiful! (And the shawl, too!)

Love! Most beautiful!
And I love your hairdo too!

I find it amazing how a little difference in one of the colors and a different order of colors made our 3 shawls so different and unique. It is a pity Vicki used a different base or we would have all three of them together on the yarn page in Ravelry!

Stunning Margene, stunning!

I have been oogling Color Affection for so long, and now your lovely, lovely version has me drooling worse than ever. It is SO beautiful. The one thing holding me back is that I am really not a fan of garter stitch. Would this work in stockinette? 1x1 rib? (I know that's a lot of rib but I really don't mind it.) If you say it must be garter then I will just have to suck it up and make it that way. Yours is just to wonderful to ignore!

I love it too. It looks so cozy and smooshy. Thankfully I got to view it on a day with temps in the 70s instead of the 90s.

I love your Color Affection, but more, I love these photos of you. So happy! So beautiful.

Love it!! Can't wait to start mine :)

It turned out wonderfully! And you're looking absolutely great. :)

Beautiful. I have yarn stashed away for one of these.

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