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Smith harvested the garlic this weekend. A full month early! Five large bags full...about 400 heads. Of garlic. They're beautiful! And large! SO tasty, very mild, as garlic needs to dry in order for the flavor to build.


We've roasted the heads whole, roasted individual cloves on the grill (mixed with other veggies), and sauteed tiny slices with spinach and kale.  There isn't a vampire within a hundred miles and we doubt there will be for the next year.


What a beautiful sight for sore eyes! Kudos to you both! Enjoy it in health and happiness. :-) Our local farmer also harvested his this weekend and has them spread out on screens to dry.

400? Too cool!!! I love fresh garlic on almost anything I cook. In fact, I'll add it even when the recipes don't call for it. I draw the line at chocolate cake, though;-P Thanks for sharing. I have a pot of yellow pear tomatoes. Hopefully, I'll have a harvest to share. have a good Monday!

Garlic is an essential ingredient in most cajun cooking--so yummy, and apparently good for you too! Did you see the recipe for garlic scape pesto on last Thursday? Looks like a recipe you could use! It will make me happy to think of all the good eating you and Smith will be doing for a long time.

Wow, that's a lot of garlic.

That is an amazing harvest! I'm looking forward to trying some come September!

Woohoo! Congratulations on a GREAT harvest!! It looks beautiful. ;)

YOWZA! 400 heads! We've got a little over a hundred still in the ground and we can't wait. Our favorite kitchen saying, "If a little garlic's good, a lot of garlic's better!" Enjoy, enjoy!

Wow! That's a crazy lot of garlic. Let me guess what everyone is getting for Christmas... ;)

Beautiful! Peaches appeared at the Farmer's Market this year. We've never had local peaches for the fourth before. This year's weather is really moving the "in season" timeline.

MMmMMM!! Home-grown garlic! That's a great crop!

Yum! Looks glorious.

Woo Hoo!

That's a great crop! I have tried to grow garlic twice and got it wrong both times. Smith must feel so accomplished! I see lots of yummy food in your future ;-)

My mouth is drooling. I love garlic. NICE haul Margene. Clearly somebody has a very green thumb.

That is really impressive!

I'm growing garlic for the first time this year--yay! it survived the winter--but there are only about ten of them out there:) --not enough to scare a self-respecting vampire at all

Garlic... *sigh*
I finally remembered to plant some last fall, and it was doing nicely until the lambs ate all of it.
Maybe next year there will be garlic.

MMmmm - sounds delicious. I love the vampire comment. ROTFL

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