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Snow Drops & Snap Peas was finished a couple of months ago, but I'd knit the medium size and, when blocked, it proved to be a bad decision. I had to face the music, rip back and continued on to make the larger size. The shawl will be better for it (and so will I!).  The yarn is the exceptional MadelineTosh Pashmina, in the glorious "Tart", my favorite color of all MadTosh colors.

My skill set does not include the ability to read and knit, which means when I'm reading I'm reading and whilst, I knit I listen. Foreign Bodies was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, and I'm a big fan of Orange prize nominees. This book is hilarious, with tragic-comic characters living faux lives. The writing is superb and the story really must read tongue in cheek.  I've read all but two of the books on this years shortlist (which I plan to read) and they all have been excellent (save one).

My listening pleasure has been The Healing a mystical story set on an 1860s Mississippi plantation. The narration has made this book even more enjoyable and I've craved more knitting time just to listen. 

Books and knitting, two of my favoite things as I Yarn Along with Ginny.


How lovely. I cannot listen and knit because I get engrossed in the story and screw up the knitting every time. I know. How sad;-P I'm so glad you chose to rip and redo the shawl. Hard decision, but a good one! Happy Hump Day, Dumplin'!!!!!

Sounds like a fun read! I've only knit with Pashmina once -- there's a single small stripe in Parcheesi with it, and then one of my Stripe Study Shawls has it, and it is a wonderful yarn! I ordered some/from Great South Babes in Pashmina... can't wait!

You can't go wrong with books and knitting. I love that color of your shawl.

At least you get to spend more time knitting with that lovely Tart color, and you will be happier ripping back and making it the size you really want.

Thank you for more book recommendations. I should finish my current book soon and started to think about what I will read next. xo

i hadn't heard of the Orange prize, thanks for letting me know!

i've added this year's short list to my wish list

Thanks for telling us about The Healing. I've added it to my Kindle wish list (which is really a place for me to remember books I want to read).

I knit a wrap from the yarn you have in Tart - isn't it yummy?!

As you know, I'm VERY partial to Orange Prize nominees! ;-) Excellent reads, every one! (I wonder how they ever pick the winner?) I also love both Pashmina AND the Tart colorway. (In fact, I have 3 skeins of Tosh DK - in Tart - burning a hole in my stash! Haven't been able to decide on a pattern. Any suggestions?)

I'm facing a huge rip-out myself, Margene, so I'm drawing a bit of comfort from you, a "master." The Tart color is gorgeous!

you are so brave, ripping out a finished and blocked shawl. i'd like to think i'd have done the same thing but there might've been a bit of cursing and a few tears involved ;-)

intrigued by the healing...will look into that!

Alas about having to rip back, but at least it's something with gorgeous yarn, right?! :D

I can't read and knit, either. And I really have tried to like audio books, but don't. Why is it that I have never heard of the Orange prize? Fabulous! My amazon account thanks you, I think...

Cool new reading source for me! Thank you, Margene. I read and knit the length of Utah yesterday. Reading = In the Woods, Knitting = Unsinkable.

I can only do one at a time, so it's either knitting or reading. When I get into the swing of reading, my knitting languishes for weeks at a clip. I hope you're well!

What a gorgeous yarn! Looking forward to seeing it on you, my friend.

A good audiobook + fun knitting = great way to spend the afternoon!

It kills me to rip things out sometimes but I know it's the right decision in the long run.

I can only knit and read if I am doing garter or stockinette. I'm not that talented! That's why I have amassed quite a collection of audio books on the Ipod.

I can't believe that I haven't read a single book on the Orange Prize list this year. Yet anyway. The winner has been picked and now I can't even choose the one I would want to win before they do. Boo. Time to catch up on my reading. Which one was your favorite?

I wasn't able to knit and read until I got a Kindle -- with adjustable font sizes and line spacing. It still doesn't always work well, but it certainly is much better!

Great way to do both...I'm not sure I could keep up with a complex pattern with that kind of audio habit.

That lush, beautiful color is so wonderful! I have been reading more than knitting, can only do one at a time too. My hands have been cranky with putting in the gardens, but the reading has been a delight.

Thanks for the book recommendation!

I LOVE that yarn, that shawl is going to be perfect.

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