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Of 'Tinis and Scapes

Admittedly, the items on my list of Summer Goals are easily attainable and, with the weather cooperating, the warm and sunny weekend made all but #6 a success. Number 6 is the one item that will stay in waiting...easily ignored until it becomes a must.

The garden has already given us a bumper crop of spinach and lettuce, but this weekend we had a rare and delicious treat.

Last year Manise clued me in on this phenomenon of hard-neck garlic, the garlic scape, which we'd never seen and did not know you could eat. Sunday we roasted a handful of scapes, flowers and all, with a bunch of other veggies and enjoyed their mild flavor and crunch. Most of our garlic crop is of the soft-nech variety, which does not produce scapes, so this was a rare treat.


Before tackling #3 on my list, I had to ponder what sort of glassware would be appropriate for a martini if one did not own martini glasses? Smith came to the rescue, as he has a few of his grandfather's martini glasses (cr1930s). Sadly the shaker and many of the glasses are no long with us, but two of the remaining delicate treasures were perfect suited to our use.  Since I live in a desert of cocktail accoutrements we have not found cocktail sugar to rim the edge, but I'm on the search.  Otherwise, I think we've got this down.


A desert of cocktail accouterments! That made me laugh out loud. We have LOTS of cocktail accouterments where I live - let me know what you want and I'll send it to you!

Now, I'm thirsty.

Retro glass for retro mix. Perfect. Does it make you feel better to know I have NONE?

I've always had a hard time cutting the scapes - they're just so darn pretty...

Have you tried baker's sugar? It's ultra fine and might do in a pinch. I love the glass and that Lemontini looks yummy. And, I have not had garlic scapes. Must try them next year. We're a bit past that stage here;-P

Oh, those glasses are perfect and the beverage looks very refreshing!!

The glasses are wonderful!

Love the glasses!

Oh, I love those little glasses!!! When I make martini's, I just use regular suger...works fine. :-)

Very cool glasses!

What lovely glasses. I'd be tempted to put on a skirt and some lipstick while enjoying an afternoon cocktail!

LOL! Cracking up along with Carole! Use regular sugar. Glad you enjoyed your garlic scopes again this year. I really need to plant a bunch this fall. It somehow fell off the radar- prob due to our freaky snowstorm and power outage.

Those glasses! Love them! :-)

Go to gotmartini.com. They have loads of differently flavored cocktail sugars to rim your lovely glasses.

I use regular sugar. Just use the inside of the lemon you squeezed to dampen the rim and run them through a small bowl of sugar. Yum. Wish I could find a martini that good on my vacay!
Love the glasses.

Those are great glasses! A good martini in em doesn't hurt a bit either. :)

Oh, garlic scapes. Our market hasn't had them yet. Try chopping them up and adding to risotto, or soups. Yum!

Have to agree with CindyCindy - Baker's Sugar works like a treat and dissolves when shaken in an adult beverage. (Comes in a box that looks like a half-gallon milk jug in your baking section)

How have I reached the age of decrepitude and never heard of garlic scapes???

I'm thirsty too. Alas, we never have martinis at home-----ever...

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