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My Weekend Continues...

The errands and chores are finished--my day off continues with an afternoon on the patio, a cup of tea, and my knitting. The weekend was chilly, but today is delightfully warm and sunny. 


Did you have a good weekend? Has summer arrived in your neck of the woods?  Has it arrived to stay? I'm beginning to wonder.


Saturday was hot. Sunday cooler. And today we have high winds and a temperature in the 50s. Brr.
The shawl is beautiful, BTW. :)

Ah, sounds like a lovely day...

We had 90+ Saturday and Sunday and just above 70 today! Definitely preferring today.

I had a fabulous weekend! Today is hot, humid and stormy, but I love that too! Is that Color Affection you're working on?

Summer arrived instead of Spring this year. We've been in the 90's for ages already!

It has been hugely hot and dry over here. It feels much more like August. Enjoy your patio and tea for me, I'd very much like to be doing the same!

I'll have Chris's weather tomorrow! Looking forward to it after the heat of the weekend (+ today). And, also, SQUEEEE! There, now I'm good.

Oh my gosh, I feel like summer arrived back in February... I'm looking forward to thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow! :)

It was a beautiful sunny weekend here. We had a fire in the fire pit on both Friday and Saturday night and we went to a wonderful birthday party for a friend who just turned 80.

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Summer came in with a vengeance now. We have been hot and dry until today. Got about 1/2" of rain and it's back to the heat. I'm really not that into summer this year. No idea why, but just not. Take care, girl. The weekend will be here soon;-P

I think my weekend was a lot like yours. For some reason. LOL.

Lots of walking filled my weekend. But walking with my family at Disneyland has been a pleasure! I'm glad your weekend was so nice!

I'm currently plodding away on one. It'll be beautiful, though. I'm blending a Zauberball Crazy Ball (oranges,plums,gray) with a handpaint orange and a handpaint gray. I'm about half way through the second span - it's labor intensive for sure! What was I thinking buying coordinating yarns for THREE????

Our summer comes and goes. . . Hot. Then not. (Gosh, I love that shawl! Going to have to make one.)

It's arrived here in spades. Hot, very dry, tons of wind. You are welcome to it and I'll gladly take some cool weather. Come and get it.

Is that a stripe study shawl? It is pretty!

Lovely cup.

It's hot and cranky here. Yay?

That sounds like a lovely weekend. Summer is here where I am. Something good about that? It's almost time for the Tour de Fleece! xo

It has arrived in spades in the desert! Your knitting projects are gorgeous!

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