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Tuesday, was a fine day, a beautiful day, the perfect weather, perfect sky kind of day.  It's been a great year for showy, feathery clouds in interesting skies, but Tuesday was especially fine, as I saw my first Sun Dog.

TGIF!  May your weekend be sunny and beautiful!


I've never heard of a sun dog - how cool!

Whoa! Very cool!!


Very cool! I've seen a few of them in the winter, although I haven't really seen the whole arc - usually just the spots on each side.

Thanks for the pics! I missed it as was inside working, but your pic and another friend's made it seem like I saw it, too.

Yay! I saw my first sundog in Utah also.

I love sundogs! That is a gorgeous one you captured!

I had never heard of a sun dog. Thanks for the link to Wikipedia - great information and pictures there. Once I had a basic introduction to what it is, I went back to your picture and easily found it. NICE!!

It was a gorgeous one! I'm glad I saw it, too.

How cool is this! I learned something about a 'Sun Dog'! I'm so grateful that the sky is clear today for me too here in Seattle! Have a wonderful weekend Margene and kisses to you little 'Schnauzer Dog'!

Aren't sun dogs cool? I've seen a few and they are wonderful to happen upon.

So cool. I haven't seen one in a really long time. Have a fabulous restful fun invigorating hyperbolic weekend Dear Friend!!!

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing that BLUE!

Wow! That's so cool!!

Oh, WOW! I LOVE it! I am going to be watching closely to see one of my own!

How cool!

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