I am...
It's That Time of Year


Sounds perfect to me (and looks like FUN)!

Had a great weekend... and it continues today.

Sounds lovely!! My weekend started Friday and it was good, too.

Makes me thirsty! I enjoyed knitting on my man socks and finishing Tana French's Likeness while sitting on my back porch.

Mmmmm! Perfect-o Mun-do! I LOVE hot Mexican food and cool margaritas. (Want some now.)

Hot, hot, hot!

Sounds perfect to me! My weekend was FULL!

That scene looks very familiar, except we sat outside under the sky because there was such a beautiful breeze. We DO need our fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!

I'm making the most of cool days while they last because we both know they won't.


We're getting a respite from the high temps, and it is glorious. Margaritas are still in order, though!

Now I really must go out & get provisions to have some margaritas. This weather has been perfect and I've been unprepared to take advantage.

That looks refreshing. We are supposed to have real hot weather here this coming weekend. I might have to indulge in the margaritas myself.

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