My First
In the All of It

I am...


..very happy when Vicki comes up with a great idea and I can follow in her footsteps.  I am also being lazy about posting, but things are happening in the back ground.  There has been a hick-up (shall we say) with Color Affection, but the end is in sight. By the time I pull my act together I could have 3 F(inished) O(bjects) to show, which might be a first! But then, there must be blocking, picture taking, and all that, who knows when posts will come about.  Meantime, the skies are blue, day after day, and the heat is on.  Stay well, my friends!


Is that haze I see between you and the mountain?

You too Margene and enjoy the blue.

We're waiting! You've probably been timing it this way just so you could do the old "watch me pull 3 FOs out of my hat" trick.

oooh, good things come in threes!

Can't wait to see what you've been making! Lovely sky, Margene. Enjoy!

You have better than I. I'm always thrilled to hear from you and to know you are well. And, of course, things are happening in the background. You are living your life!! Hope the garden is producing. I miss hearing about "the girls";-P

It's hot and sunny here, too, but we're at the beach and it's just perfect!

I am awaiting your verdict on putting the YO in before I re-leap.

No hurry (but i am looking forward to seeing what you've finished!).

Lovely! Can't wait to see your FO things, but until then, have a wonderful weekend!

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