Give Me Ten!
Of 'Tinis and Scapes



Oh lookit! How pretty!


Here's to a wordless whatever!! Love the colors!


Beautiful color combo!

And not exactly wordless, is it? It's looking good! I finished the 2nd section on mine - ready to start the next.

And GORGEOUS. Any day!


It's an epidemic (and I think I like your colors better than the ones I'm using.


You're wordless.
I'm speechless.

That's looking nice!

Hey I did 10 on Tuesday today, so we are both a little "off".

Tight-lipped Thursday? ;)

Thilent Thursday ? (It's lovely).


Isn't that something!

Mmmm, lovely colours. I have just finished mine and it's huge.

Whatever, Sweetie Pie! It's lovely and it's good to hear from you. I'll take anything I can get;-P Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll take it - Wednesday or Thursday! What great summer colors!!!

Wow! That is going to be beautiful! What is the yarn (s)?


Nice, nice, very nice!

Nice colors!

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