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Time for a Confession

Some time ago (last fall, to be exact), we found new homes for our chickengrrls. It was a bittersweet parting, but every grrl found a new and (from all reports) a happy home. Few of the community gardeners (as in none) wanted to take their turn to feed and care for the chickengrrls, which was a considerable amount of work. Smith and I faced another winter of being in charge without the support of others (either that or we wanted all the eggs, so there). We've missed our grrls in many ways, but we were also relieved when the cold and snowy days arrived.


Happily, we have a very kind neighbor who owns a dozen banty hens and last weekend she dropped off a basket full of darling little eggs. It was as if we’d received a gift of gold.


Smith is quite a master with eggs, although he likes his eggs cooked into dust. How I love the flavor of a perfectly cooked egg and dipping bread into the golden yoke creates such a deliciously delightful bite (even though the bread is gluten free).  I miss our Millie, and the other chickengrrls, and I miss their delicious gifts, but they are now part of the past.


It's good you can still have fresh eggs sometimes! I really can't blame you re: the chickengrrrls - if the other gardeners weren't doing the work, but were still taking eggs.... Grrr.

I'm happy I was able to meet Millie & the chickengrrls! Very happy that you have a new source for occasional eggs.
; )

I'm so glad you were able to find them good homes and that you and Smith no longer have that responsibility on your heads.


The chickengrrls do seem to be happy and living as chickens should - lolling about the yard.

The little banty eggs are so darn cute!

Um, I need a dunky egg, right now. Yum.

You got great enjoyment out of the grrls while they were nearby. Nothing lasts forever, but it's nice to find another fresh egg supplier!

It's wonderful to get fresh eggs. Your photo is a beauty!

I love fresh eggs. Sounds like it worked out well for the grrls.

Mmmmm. I'm hungry right now. Like...really hungry. Those eggs are looking mighty tasty! (I've heard that chickens are a lot of work!)

I don't blame you for missing them--but I really don't blame you for letting them go, it is no fun to be in a group effort when you are doing all the work. Those eggs look just delicious!

I have a student who brings me eggs every now and again. They are marvelous. I have a going-to-be thirteen year old who is begging for chickens for her birthday. The jury is still out. I'm glad you still have an egg connection, but I'm sorry you're missing Millie and the grrls.

Nothing better than fresh eggs and glad you have a new source without all of the work involved. Kind of sad no one wanted to help you both out make it work. At least you had the wonderful opportunity and experience of owning and caring for the chicken grrls even if just for a while.

Oh, dumplin'. I'm so very sorry. I'm grateful they were healthy, but the loss is still the same. It is sad that no one else would step up to help out. Sometimes I get so mad at people and am so disappointed by them, as well. I guess it's all part of life. Those are absolutely adorable eggs,too! Happy Friday!!!

Outdoor farm-type animals = a ton of work. Wintertime is the pits for that. :P I don't blame you a bit.

Having spent a lot of time tending to chickens when it's -30 with the wind howling, or through freezing rain or any of the other nasties our winter throws at us, I can perfectly understand you letting your little cluckers go. It's a hard enough commitment when they're your own chickens - when it's a case of the rest of the community lapsing on you and sticking you with all the work... You did the right thing.

Yum! Sounds like a barter system, let them take care of the eggers, and maybe they get some garden produce in return.

You found the girls homes and they're well looked after. You did them proud.

Your picture looks just like the breakfast I just had! Your egg looks nicer though and my bread was fresh hot cross buns. Same idea and super yummy.

I know my farmers markets here have fresh eggs from the farm, so perhaps you can find a source for local eggs when the markets begin?

There is nothing quite as yummy as fresh eggs...Mmmmm!!

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