It Goes Something Like This
Magnificent May

Tattered Sky


Dear Sky Skarf-

You are not as beautifully executed as Cheryl's elegant scarf, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. Well, maybe I'm just a little envious of Cheryl's talent with yarn and pattern. However, I realize the way you look is my fault. I am a slap-dash knitter and I tell myself I'll never wear you so, what does it matter if my increases are a little awry, or whether weaving in the ends makes a bit of a mess on the back?


You are the day to day diary of my sky with no days off...every cloudy, rainy, snowy, blue-sky day recorded for a whole year! You are an amazing project and when you think about the commitment I've made to you, and the scope of this commitment...well...

Oh, dear. That's big.  I think I need a lie down.

Blue skies to you, my friends!


Appears neither tattered nor slap-dash to me, it's beautiful.

I agree Cheryl's is quite beautiful, but she laid hers out just so and it's in the sun. Not fair to compare, dumplin'. And, if you wanna talk slap dash, just take a look at my stuff!!!!

(Psst - the magic of blocking...)

Your sky look mighty beautiful to me!

Just like the real thing it is moody, it changes all the time, it attracts our attention - a true presentation of that thing that hang above us at all times.

That really is a cool project.

Ah, but what you do not see, grasshopper, are all of the wonky twisted bumps and loops on the top edge, which I have cleverly tucked under the scarf when photographing. I will probably crochet some sort of edging over the top of it when I'm done.

However, I do think I was much better off with carrying the extra yarn up the edge than weaving in the ends. That would have killed me.

Rachel is wise.

I too am doing the sky scarf, along with a group of 6 more. The journey it has taken us on was unforseen, and marvelous. Families have gotten involved, our scarves will be a part of a local art show next year, not to mention the glory of watching our, here in Wyoming, schizophrenic skies! In fact, I get bored with too many days of bright blue!! I could go on and on, it has been such a great project, but will end it here. Happy knitting, and sky watching.

I love that it's a knitted representation of your amazing sky. It's unique and wonderful!

Not slap-dash at all, but reflects your love of your sky and its ever changing colors. I love it! And yes all of those ends and carrying yarn up the side is a pita no matter how you tackle it! Go you, grrlfriend!

You're not going to wear it?! O.O

I like your sky scarf better. So there.

Your sky scarf is beautiful I think the fun comparison would be to see how you both interpreted the sky, since you share it. How do your perceptions differ? But then, comparing is futile. Process, process, yes?

You so should wear it. It is a knitterly keeping in the moment, and reminds of that. SO good.

Seriously? I think you should cut the scarf and yourself a break - all those great sky colors will make it a fun accessory when you are done. Perfect with jeans, great with khakis - I'd say just enjoy it!!

I adore it!!!

Slap dash? Tattered? I think not. :-) Like any year . . . sometimes you need some time and distance to see it's real beauty. There are always ups and downs in a year. Somehow, I think you'll be pleased when you look back over it at the end . . . with the perspective time brings. It's beautiful, my friend!

I feel much the same... not sure I won't just give this one way, but then there is the commitment, and proof that I lived through another year. It IS enough to make one need a nap:)

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