Tattered Sky

Magnificent May


May is such a spectacular month, as dawn lights the sky while I take my morning walk, and the birds serenade me throughout. This weekend, as well as the week before, and the week to come, was nothing but blue skies days and perfect temperatures. The windows are open with soft breezes blowing through (we shall not mention the extra dust) and we spend much of the weekend outdoors.


A canal runs along the upper edge of the Soul Garden and, after checking on how our garden is growing, I took a stole along the bank.  Mother ducks with their little ones dotted the shores, while other duckie families enjoyed an afternoon swim.  I like to think Lucy and her ducklings are swimming in this long canal.


The garlic Smith planted last fall will be ready for an early harvest as our winter was so mild. ´╗┐Planting of other garden goodies is nearly complete, which has us ripe with anticipation. 


This is the third year of growth for the chives, the beautiful flowers lovely to see and eat, the stems particularly, deliciously garlicy. 


Isn't spring just magnificent? So much going (and growing!) on. Thanks for sharing your spring.

We have had a lovely spring (all but the dratted hail storm), too. My chives overwintered like yours. They are huge! The flowers are a beautiful garnish for a savory cheesecake, too! Happy Tuesday, grrlfriend!

Soon you'll have garlic scapes to use! Unfortunately I never got my garlic in the ground last fall, but my chives are huge. Big buds are forming. It looks like yours are a bit further along than ours. I'm sure Lucy has found that lovely canal.

I'm with you! What a glorious May. I'm reveling in it here in Boise, right along side of you!

We have been enjoying a similar stretch of magnificent weather... I just love it! I'm so looking forward to all your garden news this year.

I love your duck and ducklings photo. We haven't been able to open the windows too much yet but I'm ready!

It's really been a beautiful month. I hope mother nature doesn't decide to play a trick on us like she did last year.

Everything looks so pretty! I am hoping that Spring comes to stay here soon....it's been a whole lot of rain and dampness.

Yay for ducklings!! We've just had a run of gorgeous weather here, too. Bliss.

...I shall now think of a way to get Smith interested in roasting garlic...hmm...

Fabulous photos. I'm so glad you're enjoying spring.

Oh, I envy your weather! It's already too hot to open the windows, but we did have them open quite a bit while we could. Maybe that's how the house got so dusty...

Wow, such healthy garlic. I'll trade your dust for my pollen?

sweet little ducks! and those chives are so cheerful looking :)

May is perhaps my favorite time! Oh we should just plant garlic. I wait so impatiently for the green garlic scapes to hit the farmers market. Maybe this weekend!

Aww duckies!

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