Time for a Confession
Tattered Sky

It Goes Something Like This

What I'm doing now....(which I am blatantly stealing from Kym).


Watching . . .what else? The sky!  It's been blue-tifully blue this week after a couple of weeks of cold and unsettled conditions.

Reading . . .The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. Apparently I did not get enough of gods and myths from The Song of Achilless, which turned out to be one of my favorite books this year.


Knitting . . .a shawl (what else!) It appears I am stuck in my usual ruts and knitting another easy shawl, but I love the lace on the edging of Live Oak. This shawl has been perfect for public knitting (and fun, too).

Listening to . . . .(don't faint) the Hawaii 5-0 Soundtrack.  There's some great reggae on this album including a previously unreleased tune (recorded in 1981) by Bob Dylan!

Thinking about . . .the garden and fresh veggie season.

Planning . . . (perhaps) to knit a sweater, but not ready to jump.

Excited about . . .dinner with grrlfriends Wednesday night and dinner with friends on Saturday night.

Humming . . .see previous post on reggae...can't help it, I love the stuff.

Drinking . . . tea, green or black, white or flavored...it's "my" drink (although I can be talked into wine or whiskey, but only after 5:00pm).

Organizing . . . I reorganized a cupboard last weekend. That's enough of that for awhile.


I hate reorganizing cupboards and closets. *sigh*

Gorgeous sky! It's gray and rainy here today. Again.

Beautiful sky! Ours is gray again. Love your Live Oak. had to put it in the bottomless queue. :-)

Lovely photo. It all sounds good, too. I'm knitting And So Are You and that's a pretty easy shawl, too, and I'm really enjoying it.

You always have the BESTest skies to share!! :)

I definitely need to do more reorganizing. Darn work just keeps getting in the way.

I LOVED Song of Achilles, too! (Read Penelopiad a while back; loved it too -- but not as much as Song of Achilles.) I need to do some paring down and organizing. I'm actually itching to begin!

I'm reading Under the Banner of Heaven and have to keep picking my jaw off the floor. Your shawl looks relaxing!

Sounds like you're doing just fine, grrl. Just rockin' and rollin' along and that's what we need to do. Yet, I can still forget and get caught up in my B.S. le sigh. Happy Wednesday. Have fun tonight. I'm jealous about the garden. Your shawl is growing beautifully and your view is breathtaking, as always!!!

Wow. Blue blue blue!! I'm looking forward to some of that soon. We've had a pretty unsettled week, sometimes flat and gray, but also filled with amazing clouds!

Hope you had a fun night out!

All that blue will make for easy rows on the sky scarf...
That shawl looks like a lot of fun to knit!

Wonderful list!

Love these lists! It is like peeking into your life.

What a nice little visit with Margene! I love the shawl too, and started Ginko Leaf from the latest Knitscene... fun knitting and I am sure I will wear another shawl, while being unfaithful to all my previous ones.

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