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Give Me Ten!


The word 'goals' has never been one of my favorite words. It's one my parents would force on me, not one I liked hearing, or facing, and it's a word I sometimes try to work around (or ignore). When you get right down to it, the word "goals" has more impact, more meaning, and more umph, than does, say, the word "aspirations". However, it still gets the hackles up of the little girl inside me. Setting all that childhood angst aside, I bring you ToT Carole style.

Ten Goals for This Summer! 

1. Dance in the sun! Make sure I'm covered with sunscreen and wearing a big hat, but dance, dance, dance!

2. Sit with iced tea and knitting on my patio while relaxing. And, as often as possible, make sure there are a group of friends enjoying the time and laughing together.

3. Learning to make lemon martinis as good as Terry's (above). This could be helpful in fomenting laughter.

4. Eat as many fresh garden goodies as possible. Our own or farmers markets, we're going to keep it fresh.

5. Keep up my daily walking regime and revel in the beauty of each and every day as it begins. I am a morning person, so this is not hard.

6. On a day (or three) when being indoors is more comfortable than being out...clean and organize a pantry that has been driving me bats for the last several months. It's got me at my wits end.

7. Don't complain about the heat.  Eat up the warmth when I can, but stay in and enjoying looking out, without bitching.  Since I read, knit, and enjoy kicking back (see lemon martini above), I should be able to entertain myself and enjoy whatever the weather brings.

8. Be better about staying in touch with friends near and far.  I've had phone issues (both home and cell) the last couple of weeks, which will, hopefully, be resolved this week.  My fingers are not broken so I must also be better at keep up my email connections.  Sorry I've been so disconnected, grrls!

9. Have friends over more often and not worry so much about my worn and unpainted house.  Real friends won't care and we'll do our best to create a nice distracion with good food and laughter.

10. Smile more! Give more! Love more!



~Thursday brought a deluge of rain, but Friday afternoon the sky took on a more painterly aspect.
~Distractions abound in this season of beautiful weather.
~My extra time is spent in the garden, or reading on the patio.
~I'm charmed by the sound of birds and their lilting songs.
~The breeze tickles the wind chimes into playing a tune as accompaniment.
~The books I escape into enthrall me.
~Not to worry, knit happens, too. My trusty iPod speaks into my ear.
~One shawl is finished, another is inching closer, and yet another has been cast on.
~It is the season of shawls (right, Carole?), the perfect cover for cool evenings, or protection from too cold a/c.

Did you have a good weekend?

I'm Weekending with Amanda because I thought I should at least stop in and say hello!

Magnificent May


May is such a spectacular month, as dawn lights the sky while I take my morning walk, and the birds serenade me throughout. This weekend, as well as the week before, and the week to come, was nothing but blue skies days and perfect temperatures. The windows are open with soft breezes blowing through (we shall not mention the extra dust) and we spend much of the weekend outdoors.


A canal runs along the upper edge of the Soul Garden and, after checking on how our garden is growing, I took a stole along the bank.  Mother ducks with their little ones dotted the shores, while other duckie families enjoyed an afternoon swim.  I like to think Lucy and her ducklings are swimming in this long canal.


The garlic Smith planted last fall will be ready for an early harvest as our winter was so mild. Planting of other garden goodies is nearly complete, which has us ripe with anticipation. 


This is the third year of growth for the chives, the beautiful flowers lovely to see and eat, the stems particularly, deliciously garlicy. 

Tattered Sky


Dear Sky Skarf-

You are not as beautifully executed as Cheryl's elegant scarf, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. Well, maybe I'm just a little envious of Cheryl's talent with yarn and pattern. However, I realize the way you look is my fault. I am a slap-dash knitter and I tell myself I'll never wear you so, what does it matter if my increases are a little awry, or whether weaving in the ends makes a bit of a mess on the back?


You are the day to day diary of my sky with no days off...every cloudy, rainy, snowy, blue-sky day recorded for a whole year! You are an amazing project and when you think about the commitment I've made to you, and the scope of this commitment...well...

Oh, dear. That's big.  I think I need a lie down.

Blue skies to you, my friends!

It Goes Something Like This

What I'm doing now....(which I am blatantly stealing from Kym).


Watching . . .what else? The sky!  It's been blue-tifully blue this week after a couple of weeks of cold and unsettled conditions.

Reading . . .The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. Apparently I did not get enough of gods and myths from The Song of Achilless, which turned out to be one of my favorite books this year.


Knitting . . .a shawl (what else!) It appears I am stuck in my usual ruts and knitting another easy shawl, but I love the lace on the edging of Live Oak. This shawl has been perfect for public knitting (and fun, too).

Listening to . . . .(don't faint) the Hawaii 5-0 Soundtrack.  There's some great reggae on this album including a previously unreleased tune (recorded in 1981) by Bob Dylan!

Thinking about . . .the garden and fresh veggie season.

Planning . . . (perhaps) to knit a sweater, but not ready to jump.

Excited about . . .dinner with grrlfriends Wednesday night and dinner with friends on Saturday night.

Humming . . .see previous post on reggae...can't help it, I love the stuff.

Drinking . . . tea, green or black, white or's "my" drink (although I can be talked into wine or whiskey, but only after 5:00pm).

Organizing . . . I reorganized a cupboard last weekend. That's enough of that for awhile.

Time for a Confession

Some time ago (last fall, to be exact), we found new homes for our chickengrrls. It was a bittersweet parting, but every grrl found a new and (from all reports) a happy home. Few of the community gardeners (as in none) wanted to take their turn to feed and care for the chickengrrls, which was a considerable amount of work. Smith and I faced another winter of being in charge without the support of others (either that or we wanted all the eggs, so there). We've missed our grrls in many ways, but we were also relieved when the cold and snowy days arrived.


Happily, we have a very kind neighbor who owns a dozen banty hens and last weekend she dropped off a basket full of darling little eggs. It was as if we’d received a gift of gold.


Smith is quite a master with eggs, although he likes his eggs cooked into dust. How I love the flavor of a perfectly cooked egg and dipping bread into the golden yoke creates such a deliciously delightful bite (even though the bread is gluten free).  I miss our Millie, and the other chickengrrls, and I miss their delicious gifts, but they are now part of the past.

For Cheryl

I've been trying to write this post for days, but my thoughts lead nowhere, and then, (just yesterday) I realized Cheryl's birthday, which is today, was the perfect way to show off my latest finished project.


The rich warm color of the yarn reminded me of Cheryl from the moment Kim shared her Luciole in 2010. The beauty of the top edging, as well as the elegance of the lace border worked to enchant me. I knew this would be a grand knitting experience.


There were a few hicks and ups along the way, the biggest of which was leaving many of the yarn overs out on the first few rows of the border. Only an evenings worth of knitting was lost and I was quickly on track, a little wiser, and more careful, about the reading the chart.


When finished, I fell for Luciole all over again and, from the look on Cheryl's face, she's very happy, too. I can't think of a better recipient.   Happy Birthday, dear friend!

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