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Give Me Ten!


The word 'goals' has never been one of my favorite words. It's one my parents would force on me, not one I liked hearing, or facing, and it's a word I sometimes try to work around (or ignore). When you get right down to it, the word "goals" has more impact, more meaning, and more umph, than does, say, the word "aspirations". However, it still gets the hackles up of the little girl inside me. Setting all that childhood angst aside, I bring you ToT Carole style.

Ten Goals for This Summer! 

1. Dance in the sun! Make sure I'm covered with sunscreen and wearing a big hat, but dance, dance, dance!

2. Sit with iced tea and knitting on my patio while relaxing. And, as often as possible, make sure there are a group of friends enjoying the time and laughing together.

3. Learning to make lemon martinis as good as Terry's (above). This could be helpful in fomenting laughter.

4. Eat as many fresh garden goodies as possible. Our own or farmers markets, we're going to keep it fresh.

5. Keep up my daily walking regime and revel in the beauty of each and every day as it begins. I am a morning person, so this is not hard.

6. On a day (or three) when being indoors is more comfortable than being out...clean and organize a pantry that has been driving me bats for the last several months. It's got me at my wits end.

7. Don't complain about the heat.  Eat up the warmth when I can, but stay in and enjoying looking out, without bitching.  Since I read, knit, and enjoy kicking back (see lemon martini above), I should be able to entertain myself and enjoy whatever the weather brings.

8. Be better about staying in touch with friends near and far.  I've had phone issues (both home and cell) the last couple of weeks, which will, hopefully, be resolved this week.  My fingers are not broken so I must also be better at keep up my email connections.  Sorry I've been so disconnected, grrls!

9. Have friends over more often and not worry so much about my worn and unpainted house.  Real friends won't care and we'll do our best to create a nice distracion with good food and laughter.

10. Smile more! Give more! Love more!


By whatever name they're called, that's 10 really great things!! ;)

I'm with you on the word "goals". :) Great list of things to do there!

These will add up to a beautiful summer!

I also hate the word "goals"... But I really like some of yours!

I think your goals will lead you to a great summer!

Ten is done tooken care of already. You rock that. Nine is my biggest goal, but I need to be able to get people into the house (re: large humongous pup) first. I am trying very very hard with the hot complaining thing, but here in Middle Earth we have been going from 70 to 95 a couple of times a week and I'm worn out. Hugs, Sweetie!!!

LOVE your list! It's going to be a GREAT summer!

I can't imagine you smiling, giving or loving more than you already do! I also think you are going to have an awesome summer!

Great list!

A wonderful list with some really great reminders of what is truly important!

Excellent goals!

Goal has always been a struggle for the little girl inside of me too....I totally get it because I usually fail.

I love #9 best of all because it has been always been a challenge for me since we moved north...host anxiety. I'm working on it too. :-)


I love your ToT. Upbeat! Optimistic! Martinis!

Sounds like you have the perfect recipe for summer!

Wonderful list Margene and #9 is so important!

What a great surprise to see MY house on YOUR blog! At first it threw me off, I wasn't sure what I was looking at! haha.

No mystery to the martini:http://www.drinksmixer.com/recipes/10114/


Great list! I think this will be a wonderful summer for you!

I might just take your list and call it mine. On to summer!

I agree with Gale, and think you list is well worth stealing and fulfilling for a happy summer!

I love your list and find inspiration in it. xo

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