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For Cheryl

I've been trying to write this post for days, but my thoughts lead nowhere, and then, (just yesterday) I realized Cheryl's birthday, which is today, was the perfect way to show off my latest finished project.


The rich warm color of the yarn reminded me of Cheryl from the moment Kim shared her Luciole in 2010. The beauty of the top edging, as well as the elegance of the lace border worked to enchant me. I knew this would be a grand knitting experience.


There were a few hicks and ups along the way, the biggest of which was leaving many of the yarn overs out on the first few rows of the border. Only an evenings worth of knitting was lost and I was quickly on track, a little wiser, and more careful, about the reading the chart.


When finished, I fell for Luciole all over again and, from the look on Cheryl's face, she's very happy, too. I can't think of a better recipient.   Happy Birthday, dear friend!

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Margene, you just hit all the right notes every single time.

That's wonderful and perfect for Cheryl!

Isn't it wonderful when things fall together like that? It's beautiful, and looks beautiful on Cheryl.

Just lovely! The shawl. Cheryl. Your friendship. Perfect in every way.

Both look beautiful.

And, she looks lovely in her beautiful Lucy. What a kind and dear friend you are, Sweetie!!!

The best knit there is!

Thank you, thank you! I do love it. And you, my friend. xo



Margene - it is lovely and a wonderful color for her!

Cheryl's face says it all and the color so perfect! Kudos to you and your fabulous knitting Margene.

You are such an amazing friend. xo

Oh, it is perfect for Cheryl!! Wonderful work, Margene. ; )

What a wonderful gift! :)

That is beautiful! I love the color!

what a lovely gift for our Cheryl. Well done!

It's a perfect gift!

Lovely pictures of Cheryl and a very pretty shawl. Great present!

Most beautiful, Cheryl and your gift!

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