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Sweet Dreams

It's raining, it's pouring, with a little sleet thrown in! Take my word for it, it's coming down like cats and dogs. The rain could last for the next 3-4 days, which means no planting, no walking, no mountain view.  If the rain eases up there may be a chance to fit in a walk and I'd dearly love to get back into the groove. Wouldn't you know spring would be wet after a very dry winter. Since the garden is soggy, and I'm stuck indoors, I will turn to my knitting, the sadly neglected Color Affection.

Vicki's Make.Do.Dream is, in a word, dreamy. The softness of the yarn caresses my fingers as I knit, letting me know the finished shawl will be delightful to wrap around my neck. In order for this delight to take place, there must be an act of knitting. Knitting was a low priority during travel, as airline seats are too close together.  Reading was a far easier option. Time with family wasn't conducive to knitting and the short afternoon with friends meant I had time for only a row or two (plus, there was that martini).

Did I mention how soggy the garden is?  The carport garden box is a little better off as it's slightly protected by the roof.

Smith planted a variety of lettuces last fall, but early snow stopped their growth. The longer days have warmed the soil, which has given the seedlings just enough push to grow and thrive. With the extra boost, we might be enjoying a fresh, home grown salad by next week.


A few days of rain will provide you with a nice opportunity to snuggle inside and do some knitting and reading. We are still very dry here and need the rain but I'm hopeful it holds off until after my vacation.

The rain means you must relax and knit. It's in the rule book of life. Don't you remember? And, is there anything better than home grown salad greens? I honestly can't think of a thing. Have a wonderful weekend, grrlfriend!!!!

Sometimes rain is good for the soul (besides being good for the soil...) as it forces us to switch gears and follow indoor pursuits. Sleet, though. Bleh. It's never welcome! Enjoy the weekend, Margene!

Yep, I think that rain is headed my way. Rainy days are made for knitting... and reading. Your lettuce looks wonderful!!

...the old man is snoring... :D

Look at that beautiful lettuce! I just have very tiny seedlings, and I haven't been able to plant any more since the first set a month ago. Now it's getting pretty late in the year, and I still can't plant because of the rain. Phooey.

Wonderful lettuce!!! Yay Smith!!

We really could use some rain here, but it's nice to see the sun while she's here. :-)

Have a great weekend!

I need to get back into the walking habit, too, but it's not going to happen this weekend - we have rain in the forecast, too. It's raining right now (no sleet), but we DESPERATELY need the rain.

Send some of the rain east! We do need it here. Embrace mother nature's gift of relaxing knitting. Sunny days will come soon.

Your color affection is going to be very soft indeed! I managed to finish minejustbefore leaving to Israel last week.

Nice lettuces! I hope you just hunker down and knit. This storm has been a doozy!

The weather has simply refused to cooperate. Again. The lettuce will be yummy.

It has been a whacky winter and spring. Had sleet here too last week. Got a wee drip of rain overnight and it'll be in the 80's later today. Your lettuces look wonderful! From the looks of your Flickr pic it looks like you got some good knitting time in on your shawl. It's beautiful!

Spring in the Rockies is a time to hold one's breath. (I live in the Denver area.). Yesterday, returning from a weekend of knitting in the mountains, we drove through ground blizzards and a near white out on one of the passes. A dry spring has brought out the flowers and lilacs about a month earlier than usual. So, we are hoping that the snow doesn't reach the city!

Ahhhh, lettuce. I'm now drooling for salad. I refuse to buy out of season produce from the grocery store, so I haven't had salad since last fall...

Oh! Your lettuce is lovely!! Stay dry and snuggly!

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