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Over the weekend the knitting bug bit hard. Despite a strong reaction, no damage was done, no scar left behind, just strong urges to knit. It felt good to knit, to have a strong desire to knit, and to make it even better...my brain worked!

Oh the ends!  Before any more knitting ensues, the ends will need to disappear.

After 3 weeks of neglect, I picked up the Sky Skarf and knit it "to date". Because I keep a little journal, and often take pictures, it's not hard to catch up. The last few weeks have been a mix of grays, with a few days of brilliant blue thrown in. While I'll never be able to tell which rows are from the trip to Massachusetts, I'll know they are there.


The secret of this project is to not leave the knitting for more than a couple of weeks.  The journal helps with memory and photos help with color, but more than the scarf, it is watching the sky, being aware of its beauty and looking up to ackowledge the awe and joy this expanse creates, no matter its color.


Oh, your lovely sky photos! Ours has been interesting the last few days -- with the exception of the rainy Sunday morning -- with some dramatic changes in the weather!

I am behind... thankfully, catching up on a few other things... perhaps I can carve out some "sky time" this weekend.

Keep your eye to the sky grrlfriend.

What a beautiful idea!!

I love your sky scarf! Very pretty.

Your scarf is gorgeous!

Three cheers for good brain function!

I have been twisting the yarns together up the side edge... I do have to stop and spend time rewinding and detangling periodically. Weaving in ends is one chore that I often save for Knit Night; seems to go so much faster when I am chatting with dear friends.

A ptoject that resembles a diary...clever and beautiful!

Great weather striping! Can't wait to see this finished. :-)

love the idea of this project and it is so very you. i do not however, envy you all those ends ;-)

I love it! You're "illustrating" your sky journal in multi-media!

It's beautiful and good for you for picking it back up. I need to get going again on my sock blanket.

And a journal in fiber of a year of skies. Such a cool idea and such a beautiful scarf. The ends are a tad daunting if you wait until the end;-P Happy Hump Day, Sweetie!!!!!

Lovely! Isn't it great when you find the love again?

YAY! for the knitting! Your scarf is a whole lot of fun and great memories tied up with string!

The scarf is coming along, and the concept is just getting more and more amazing. I may do that next year.

Did I tell you I love your countdown til summer? Longest day of the year!

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