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Ahhhh. Sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Pretty uneventful - also rainy and cloudy and chilly. But! I keep reminding myself how much we need the rain...

Thoroughly admiring your lace shawl! The color is stunning and it would match my wardrobe :)

Look at all the red in that photo! Love it! I'm sorry your morning didn't go as planned, but it looks like the afternoon made up for it. Picture perfect, for sure.

"Drop back and knit" is the best strategy of all when things start to go wonky...

Sorry you had such a bad morning, but the afternoon must have helped. Look at all that pretty red and blue!

DD and her family went to the zoo Saturday pm. It was a perfect, cool day for the animals. Grandson wore himself out, arrived at our house and crashed on the guest bed. We never were able to get him alert enough to eat supper, but he did have a mar-ve-lous dayl.

Your sky is always so beautiful! We had a wonderful weekend of family and fun. I am so happy that your day improved. :-)

oh i think that sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend - relaxing and looking at that gorgeous sky!

A tale of woe? Oh no! I'm glad the afternoon went better.

I always find that a pleasant afternoon knitting makes up for all sorts of upsets. Glad you were able to find some peace with the needles. (And . . . that photo of the sky and the mountains. . . looks more REAL. . . than REAL!)

Such afternoons make up for a lot of things.

Makes perfect sense to me! Well done, darlin'!

Your weekend sounds pretty good to me. Love your shoes, these are my favorite shoes, I have them in three colors and wish they still made the model. They are going on five years old now and still good as new!

The shawl is looking wonderful, goes so well with your red shoes.

Tales of woe? Oh, my! I do believe your response to that was perfect. How did you keep your tea warm? And, Lucy is growing beautifully. Hugs and happy Tuesday!!!

Sorry you had such a frustrating Saturday. Knitting and tea make everything better. Love how your Lucy and shoes match.

I love the composition of your knitting photo. Splashes of red against the blue and grey. Lovely. I'm glad you were able to turn it around. Our weekend was full of "which college" woes. We were in lovely Santa Clara, California where the roses are the size of heads of lettuce! You'd have loved the gardens.

whoa! that yarn is gorgeous!

*Love* your reds (the color of my current project as well) and your gorgeous view :^)

I love the way your knitting and shoes match!

We were traveling this past weekend. Sadly I did not knit or spin nearly as much as I had planned to.

Sometimes knitting just takes the edge off the rest of it... that is what I did Saturday afternoon too. We also had a terrific garden workday at the school garden on Sunday; 20 people can really transform a space in 2 hours.... now for my own gardens!

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