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More in the Pipeline

My goal for April was to finish Red Lucy (as I call this beautiful lace shawl), but the day before we left on our trip, I had to rip back 15 rows of a 30+ row lace border. It felt as if there were too many errors, the pattern was not clear in my mind, and I suddenly felt overwhelmed.  I thought I'd made too many mistakes, but now I'm not sure how bad it really just seemed hopeless, and I frogged.


After the trip, I picked up Red Lucy and put the stitches back on the needles. Often I find it takes a second time through, whether it be knitting, reading, anything that takes concentration, for something to click, for the light to come on, and the path to become clear. The second time through the elegant lace edge of Luciole there are fewer issues, the lace makes sense, and progress is smooth.

This picture is of the roof over our carport. A large pine tree drops a carpet of needles all over the roof and a duck (can you see her amidst the brown?) has decided the needles make a nice ready made nest. She was there when we returned from our trip and rarely leaves the spot she's lined with down. She's very protective and has built up a wall of pine needles on the "house" side so we can't see into the all. Her wing has a stripe of bright blue, which is rarely visible and she sleeps with her bill under her wing.  I think I'll call her Lucy...for no good reason.

Rockin' N Rollin'

Over the weekend the knitting bug bit hard. Despite a strong reaction, no damage was done, no scar left behind, just strong urges to knit. It felt good to knit, to have a strong desire to knit, and to make it even brain worked!

Oh the ends!  Before any more knitting ensues, the ends will need to disappear.

After 3 weeks of neglect, I picked up the Sky Skarf and knit it "to date". Because I keep a little journal, and often take pictures, it's not hard to catch up. The last few weeks have been a mix of grays, with a few days of brilliant blue thrown in. While I'll never be able to tell which rows are from the trip to Massachusetts, I'll know they are there.


The secret of this project is to not leave the knitting for more than a couple of weeks.  The journal helps with memory and photos help with color, but more than the scarf, it is watching the sky, being aware of its beauty and looking up to ackowledge the awe and joy this expanse creates, no matter its color.

Sweet Dreams

It's raining, it's pouring, with a little sleet thrown in! Take my word for it, it's coming down like cats and dogs. The rain could last for the next 3-4 days, which means no planting, no walking, no mountain view.  If the rain eases up there may be a chance to fit in a walk and I'd dearly love to get back into the groove. Wouldn't you know spring would be wet after a very dry winter. Since the garden is soggy, and I'm stuck indoors, I will turn to my knitting, the sadly neglected Color Affection.

Vicki's Make.Do.Dream is, in a word, dreamy. The softness of the yarn caresses my fingers as I knit, letting me know the finished shawl will be delightful to wrap around my neck. In order for this delight to take place, there must be an act of knitting. Knitting was a low priority during travel, as airline seats are too close together.  Reading was a far easier option. Time with family wasn't conducive to knitting and the short afternoon with friends meant I had time for only a row or two (plus, there was that martini).

Did I mention how soggy the garden is?  The carport garden box is a little better off as it's slightly protected by the roof.

Smith planted a variety of lettuces last fall, but early snow stopped their growth. The longer days have warmed the soil, which has given the seedlings just enough push to grow and thrive. With the extra boost, we might be enjoying a fresh, home grown salad by next week.



Last week I traded my mountain view for a view of the beach. While the blue is as beautiful as the Caribbean, this beach is further north and not nearly as balmy.  I have no complaints as seeing family and friends, plus walking on any beach, is heaven, as far as I'm concerned.

Wrapping up in warm coats and scarves was the best way to weather the wind.


Friday we drove to New Hampshire to celebrate Passover with family and had a little stop over for lunch at Teresa C's. Carole, Kim and Laurie (in a surprise visit) were able to join us and it was so wonderful to see them.

Terry makes a mean martini (in a very pretty glass) and we grrls had a happy afternoon.

It all ended too quickly, but it was fun to hug a few grrlfriends and celebrate 90 years young with a fabulous man.


Here's to you Uncle Bob! We should all live as well and as beautifully as you do!

What a Difference

The weekends go so quickly and this weekend offered a much needed respite from a very busy week. For the first time this year, we spent an evening on the patio laughing, drinking (oh yes we did), and enjoying the night air. While the clouds put on an interesting show, and the temperatures foretold of warmer nights ahead, we knew the sky was a precursor of Sunday's storm.

Despite Sunday's rain (with a bit of snow thrown in for good measure), spring planting is just around the corner and, in fact, the potato patch is ready to go. Last fall Smith planted garlic which has grown well during this year's unseasonable warmth.  The spinach and lettuce planted, as a gamble, earlier this year have also made good progress. To say we're anxious would be an understatement.

Speaking of anxious... Kym is quite anxious (and excited) about March Madness and would like your help to determine between her two finalists. Voting (on Kym's blog) will be open from Monday through Wednesday before 9:00am EDT and all voters will be eligible for a prize package (to be determined by random drawing). Kym's prize packages are always wonderful.  If you mention my name it could give me an advantage. Happy Voting!