What a Difference

In Which I Try to Get My Act Together

The busy week has gone well, as the Snap Peas shawl is finished (it is now blocking), book club was great (as usual), and we successfully helped a friend move into her new place. It took a village, which made it a blast!

I don't have much to show for this week and next week things will be quiet around here because I'll be away for a few days. That means no mountain pictures, so I'll show you a few sunrises to suffice.
March 24th

For the most part, this week has been gray, but early last week we had a few days of blue sky with scattering clouds.

March 20th (my lunch time view)

March 21st

March 23rd

The list of projects I need to do this weekend is growing very quickly, but I have plans to write a couple of blog posts and do some knitting on the Sky Skarf.

Have you been busy with anything fun this past week? 

Happy Weekend!


sounds like you already have a busy weekend planned. let's this week...little miss found her laugh, we discovered chick fil a has a pretty awesome milkshake, and we've been spending lots of time outside :)

have a great weekend margene!

I sure hope all is well. You sound good. How does the time fill so quickly? Have a wonderful weekend.

I've been trying to do very little this week since last week was so busy! I'm excited about next week, though!

Mountains!!! :)

Just another week here. But supposed to be almost 80 over the weekend! O.O

Such a beautiful sky! Thanks for sharing. (Ours is rainy and bleak today.) Have a great trip and enjoy your time away.

I could have had a busy week. I should have had a busy week. Alas, I had a lazy, lazy, lazy week, and it was a blast! Kudos to you for getting so much done! Enjoy this weekend and those beautiful Utah skies! Oh, and have I mentioned how much I enjoy your fish on the side bar?

Can't wait to get my fill of those Utah skies!

Six more sleeps!!!

I hope that only wonderful things keep you away!

I have been very busy with so much happening this week. It has resulted in not getting too much done, but that is OK.


We had a wonderful few days in San Antonio! What a great city!

I see lots of blue in that sky scarf. Lovely vistas!

I watched crocuses bloom and started seeds--the lettuces and swiss chard are already sprouting! Otherwise, just recovering from knee surgery.


I love the sky saga!

Life sounds really good. I LOVE your sky photos ... and that mountain is so beautiful.

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