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A month of no snow ended with a week of weak snow.  In some places the mountains received almost 50" of white stuff, but our little slice of the valley had less than 5". As soon as the snow arrived it started to melt and the gray skies (2 weeks of gray) turned to clear blue.  The temperatures climbed to well above 50 yesterday! I love when that happens.

Spring fever is a live and thriving in our household and Smith has plants, planters and seeds ready to go. This week his is planting onions, carrots, radishes and beets (as well as leafy things, methinks).

I've been knitting, just a bit here and there, with no clear project desire pushing me.  The poor quality of my stitches has caused a wave of insecurity, which feeds a lack of desire to knit. Projects languish as my attention turns to pages of a book, or to the out of doors.

I wonder about my choice of yarn, or perhaps, the problem is the needle size, as the fabric seems a little dense (maybe). As you can see, there is a little too much indecision and second guessing, or maybe, it's that voice trying to tell me something and I should be listening. Maybe, I'll think about it tomorrow, as today, the sky is so, so blue.


I don't think the shawl seemed dense - and garter stitch will block out tremendously. I'm sure it will be fine.

I still don't know what to do about my gardening stuff this year. Must stop booking vacations at critical planting/growing times.

We got more snow last week than we have had all winter.....just when we were starting to think Spring was not too far away. 15 inches or so...ick.

I'm so jealous of Smith playing with dirt!!

I think what you need is a simple pair of stockinette socks to get you back on track. Lovely sky.

I think it looks pretty actually. I love that coral color next to your skin.

Is that a Color Affection? The garter will block out quite a bit -- I found it to be a very long and not-so-wide scarf. Definitely more scarf than shawl, for me.

I can't believe at the end of February/beginning of March we had snowstorms with names that began with "B" and "C." Ridiculous. I wasn't displeased to see snow. Today it's one of the coldest days of the year (5F) but we'll see your near-50 by Wednesday! I'm calling it: Happy Spring!!

What yarn is that? I'm betting it is the yarn. I always blame it on the yarn. ;) Seriously, though, try garter stitch in another yarn on appropriate needles and prove to yourself that it isn't your knitting.

I love your mountain photo as always Margene (I don't think I would ever tire of having that as my view). Sooo jealous of the seed planting; just haven't done it in years because my lack of energy - won't happen this year either but I can get my fix with photos! I wish I had some words of wisdom about your knitting; I am sorry you are feeling insecure about it - your knitting is always lovely to me.

Ahhh - I love your blue sky pictures. They always make my day.

I think that it's interesting that the knitting is posted right after your seed trays... and at least on my screen - they appear to be in the same color families. Maybe that's a sign?

Hope March continues mild...

I like the colors - and a good blocking will do wonders ;^)

We're supposed to have 50 tomorrow!!

At least you still have your Sky Shawl to do a bit on here and there. :)

Warm temperatures and blue skies can mask so many of life's imperfections! (It's the yarn. . .)

Knitting Color Affection in 100% silk is probably not the best choice. It has no give at all. It is in no way your knitting at all Margene! Choose another squooshy yarn like an MCN. You'll be much happier me thinks. Trust me. Looking forward to our promises of 50's later in the week.

Just want this wimp of a winter to be done so it doesn't torture me further.

I think the WIP is speaking to you.

It seems that the winter weather has been oddly off just about everywhere this year.

I don't think your stitches are poor in quality, but I know what you mean. If you are unsure, you could try a bit of blocking now to see what that tells you.

To me, it actually looks like your needle is too big! You can check for the appropriate sized needle with a needle size gauge - fold the yarn in half, and slide it through the holes for the various needle sizes. The one that it "just" fits through without trouble is the right size.

The comments about silk are true - it has no memory. But, on the plus side, when you block it, it stays there. Personally, if this is silk yarn, I think it's wasted in garter stitch. I would use it in some really expressive lace because blocking it out would make it (literally) shine!

You know, girl, it's spring. It's time to rethink and regroup and enjoy new things. Take the time to read a book and take a walk and just be. Sometimes just being is what we really need. Listen to yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in the rush (since we talk about it so frequently). And, I'm so glad the mountains got 50". I've been worried about the water supply. Hugs!!!!!

I've been struggling with some knitting indecision lately as well. I just finished a shawl and it is smaller than I'd like. But to fix it will mean hours of work lost. Why did I make it so small? What was I thinking when I read the pattern? Where has my head been lately? I'm pulling a Scarlett O'Hara and will think about it "tomorrow." In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the near 60 degrees we've been enjoying (though today will be 40s), and I'm back to a 2x2 sock for my husband. Mind-numbing, but productive. Oh! And we have over 100 heads of garlic peeking out of our raised beds! Happy Day, Margene!

I planted seeds yesterday which makes me very happy!

I'm not a fan of garter stitch myself. I always think it looks sloppy. It usually blocks out nice but I prefer stockinette.

I love the colors of your Color Affection. If it feels dense to you, maybe a larger needle will make it better and then the blocking will make those ridge behave, no?

But Lookit the Sky! A little snow's not a bad thing if it gives you the day after sky. :)

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