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Oh, My! I Almost Forgot!


Bullet points might be the best way to get through a post, as it's been a long time since I've had time to share with you.  It's easy to get out of the habit of thinking "in blog" when living "in the moment".  For so many years I looked at the world around me as "blogable", but now, that feeling is slipping away.  Thinking "in blog" is fine and, honestly, I was very aware of the world around me and how beautiful it was, but it was always in blog context.  It's not that any part of that has changed, it's just my mindset has reset, and I do not think "in blog" any longer.  I'm enjoying my moments and do not think to pick up the camera and share, but I miss my friends, my blog pals, as we've been hanging out together for a long time!

BUT this month, I've decided to start taking pictures again:

Before the beginning of March I saw on Maryse's blog the "March Photo a Day" and thought it would be fun to join (not officially, but in practice) and I have been taking a picture daily. Some days I remember just in the nick of time. This challenge has been a challenge.

This is March 1st and the picture meant to signify "UP". I've taken other daily pictures, but haven't bothered to put them into a mosaic, so I'll get back to you on that. Oh, and this was the last time we had snow. Yesterday was near 70!


There has been (a little) knitting going on and the pattern, Snow Drops and Snap Peas by Kirsten Kapur, has found a perfect mate in this yarn. Tart is my favorite color of MadelineTosh and the soft Pashmina is a bit of heaven.  The pattern is fairly easy, albeit, not as easy as I'd thought.  Every row of stockinette is written out with a different count and I must keep track, which has been easy enough, and the project, so far, looks amazing. I expect it will be a gorgeous wrap.


Wednesday I planted a large pot (we're talking huge!) of pansies, but the little  beauties shown here are in a smaller pot, which was a gift from a friend.  Pansies have beautiful happy faces and their smiles are contagious. Right?

Well, I could go on (and on), but it's time I had a post to print, so I'll end here.  I'll be back next week and, hopefully, will have more tales to tell!   Happy Weekend, everyone!!


Oh, I love that photo! When I was at the doc's office the other day, there was a wonderful framed mosaic of sky photos -- I thought of all my sky-watching friends!

Pansies. ; )

Happy weekend to Smith and you too!
Have a little Irish whiskey for good measures :)

Yes - It is refreshing to experience the world (and fiber crafts specifically) in "no blog" mind :)

Bumping into those pansies and bringing them to you made our "M" so, so happy. Absolute love.

The pansies are wonderful - so cheery! Your shawl will be luscious.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tart is a gorgeous color. :)

I'm taking Carrie's (from AZ) idea and calling it a spring blog awakening. :D To me, blogging is fluid. Sometimes life is just happening and I'm living in the moment. Sometimes, I'm working a blog post in my head as it is happening.
Have an awesome weekend!

I find I have been much like you....no longer thinking in blog terms and I miss it. So much time goes by with too much to fit into one post, so I don't put anything down. :( I am going to try to get back at it again.

Beautiful pansies!!

There's not a bad photo in the lot up there! I'm having a bit of trouble getting to the blog to post, as well...spring is in the air, Facebook intervenes and, well, there's so much political nonsense to activate around...

You'll knit your way through Kirsten's entire repertoire soon! That looks SO PRETTY in Tart.

What a great sky shot! So glad your weather has turned so nice. Ours, too. If it's not going to snow. . . it might as well get right to spring, as far as I'm concerned!

Love the Pashmina (I'm working on a cowl with some right now) -- and especially in Tart. Just lovely!

Enjoy the weekend!

Beautiful sky, beautiful photo.

For the last few months I've been using an app called Photo 365, and been trying to take one photo a day--nothing too calculated, just trying to capture a brief moment. It's an interesting practice.

Your UP photo is amazing! So much going on if you stop and take the time to really look. I love pansies too. They've just started showing up in stores. Your shawl will be awesome and the color is just perfect.

Thanks for sharing ALL of these photos! Lovely to savor.

Oh, that Tart is so gorgeous!

I hope you are enjoying your smiling pansies!


Lord, woman, it's your birthday week. You're not supposed to worry about anything during your birthday week. And, that picture is amazing! I was planning on planting pansies this spring, but it's been too hot already. We've been in the 80's. It's so weird. Lovely, but weird. I do not think I will have any flowers at all past the end of June. That part is hard. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Your view is amazing. What a glorious setting. My daughter is knitting Tart right now - Cheryl said it correctly, luscious! I'm gazing at my yarn from my recent Portland excursion and dithering on a project choice. Whale or Different Lines...

I'm with knitnana... facebook has cut down on a lot of blogging, both writing and reading, at least for me. We can tell ourselves that we're staying in touch with more people, that it's more instantly gratifying, etc... but I think it helps us be less social in the real world. But with the price of gas these days, it might be the only way we stay in touch with some folks.

Beautiful pics Margene!

That WILL be a gorgeous wrap! Lovely and bright, and a beautiful pattern too!

I find it difficult to take pictures every day too, although I am trying to keep that "blog" mind that you mentioned.

Your pansies are gorgeous. I just planted seeds a couple of weeks ago and finally got some green sprouts!

Hai! :D

It's so hard to think like a blogger when you're busy. Or tired. Or lazy. Or me. *L* You're doing a great job, sweetie. Love the photos!

Beautiful photos!
Love the tart!

What rich, rich colors!

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