Oh, My! I Almost Forgot!

Seeing Red

Thank you for your warm and generous comments on my 8 years of blogging. As spring continues, I can promise more garden updates and photos. Smith has been working hard and good things are happening.

I actually have some knitting to show, but while looking through my Ravelry Notebook I realized everything I'm knitting, as well as almost everything I've finished, is a shade of red.  hmmmm  What's up with all the red?  Red is one of my favorite colors, but at first glance you'd think it's the only color I can see.  


Who can have anything bad to say about the lovely "Tart" Pashmina and the even more beautiful Red Peas? Once I understood the rythm of knitting each rows, and the reason for the construct, everything fell into place.  The shawl is nearly finished, only 2 sections left to do. It's going to be a warm and elegant wrap.


If I show a half finished shawl 5 times does that make me boring? Seeing the process of a project is the what I love about knit blogging. However, I'm not sure there is much to tell about Luciole.  The real story is Kim's yarn, the beautiful New England Red from Woolen Rabbit. She's nearing the end, too.  I have a way of knitting slowly along and then ending up with a little flurry of finished items, which just may be the case with my red shawls.

Do not be swayed by all this red, as my number one favorite color is still blue.  Sadly, my only blue(ish) project is the Sky Skarf, which means I'm spending a lot of time looking up at the sky.  I will not bore you with yet another pictures of the blue, blue sky (which has been amazing the last few days!), but there will be Sky Skarf news later.

The next two projects have been planned and there will be no change in color. I am seeing red, and that's all there is to it.

Psst...there is still a chance to win prizes if you comment on yesterday's post!


Gorgeous reds. It's a wonderful color!! I noticed the red umbrella in your header this morning... it's a very color coordinated blog today!! ; )

I love red too - you can't have enough red, so please don't apologise for showing too much. There can never be too much for me!

Red is one of my most favorite colors....your shawls are lovely!!

I'm happy to see bright color - especially this time of year. Everything up here is still drab shades of brown, with white streaks. (Though this is an improvement over last week, when everything was white with brown streaks...)

Lovely reds and beautiful shawls to be.
Blue is good but we need to visit other favorites from time to time!

I missed your blogoversary...congrats!

Taking a break from the blue only makes it that much more appreciated when you have it.

Lady in Red -- what's wrong with that?

Those are gorgeous reds. :)

I wouldn't mind blue sky pictures - it looks like we might have a bit of sun on Saturday. We haven't since... hmm. Not sure. Last weekend?

Love the shawls; love the red. I have some Tosh DK in "Tart" in my stash. I haven't decided what to do with it, but you are definitely making me think about it!!!

I love red, especially's Kim's New England Red!

Love! I just ordered some red too - does that make it a trend?

I will get in color ruts like that too sometimes. I just go with it until it ends.

Red is cheerful and flattering. What could be better? Oh, blue. Right!!!!

"Beautious" as my daughter is fond of saying. Your reds will be stunning!

So lovely!

Perhaps this is your 'red period', just as Picasso had his 'blue period'?! And red is just so darn cheerful. Count me a fan of the color, and your projects in it.

Both gorgeous shawls! I covet that first red yarn more than you can imagine...

So amazingly beautiful!

I like seeing the progress pics because it allows me to see different aspects of the project and enjoy the journey.


I have a hard time with red. Like you, it's not my favorite color,buti do like it. I struggle to find just the right shades,though.

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