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Distractions and Decisions

It's March, unbelievably it's March! Yesterday the sky is gray, but enough light pushed through the clouds to create an amazing sunrise. The air is warmer and the birds are beginning to sing their mating songs. It is spring, a time of awakening, with a world full of distractions and wonders. Spring is the time to shake off the cold of winter and to wake from the doldrums.

I love to blog because of the common sense comments from friends who know knitting, who have concete suggestions and good knowledge to share. The comments ranged from encouragement to reasons not to continue, every comment was valid, every one gave me something to think on. I thought, I stewed, I studied the two projects that were giving me pause. And then, clarity came. Denial is a strong emotion, but eventually it gives way to reality. The projects in question were abandon.  One must listen to the voices (of knowledge) they whisper the truth.


The question was what to do in their place? The only projects on my needles (excluding the sky scarf) are Luciole, a very simple, yet elegant shawl and Klemsoctt, formerly known as they TTL Mystery Sock. However, the sock just isn't as portable as I'd like and the small needles keep me from working on it for long. My days of a pair per month are over, it may be a pair per year from now on.

There has been pattern searching and stash diving. There will be decisions soon. This house if full of promise and potential.  I just need to tap it and get my head on right!  Spring should be helpful!  Thank you for helping me see the light, friends!


Knit what makes you happy :-)

The arrival of Spring gives clarity for me in a lot of ways. I know it affects my knitting for sure. I seem to be getting more organized and productive lately.

Knit on girl, knit on! and only what makes you happy of course :)

That's what friends are for! And yes, it's March. Spring cannot be far away now!

Did you rip that shawl in the picture out?

That shawl is pretty - I like the edging and the color.

I love the shawl in the photo. I totally understand the uncertainty with projects; after ripping out my socks I am not sure what I want to knit and nothing is calling out to me.

Spring fever! Yeah, the knitters are a good judge and jury. Helps you know your heart.

It's time for spring cleaning ... of projects, that is! Can't wait to see what you decided to knit next! :-)

Excellent. Make the yarn you aren't going to use a gift to someone who will. I'll bet that garter stitch thing was definitely the yarn. Probably loosely plied and untwisting weirdly in the stitch and some were bigger than others, OR (I should have asked this) had you ripped that yarn out at some point? Ripped yarn always reknits all wonky.

I'm glad to see you moving on.

Its wonderful to have choices! Spring has taken me by surprise too, since winter just wasn't its usual self. I have spent so much time mastering the sock machine that regular knitting has languished. The new Knitty is out, though!

It's so nice to have friends who help. Spring is here, too. I have bulbs blooming that shouldn't be, but since I can't fix the no-winter problem, I will enjoy them fully. It's Thursday. Two more days and then, our weekend is here. When can you work the garden? I'm thinking I'll be able to start working the soil (but not planting) in about two weeks. Hugs!!!

I hope that abandoning what did not work for you is a beginning to finding what is right for you!


Spring is teasing us here in Boise. Today is all grey clouds, but we are now forcing our second vase of forsythia (thanks to you!), which helps. Knitting ennui has settled in with the clouds, but today I am going to grapple with that and bring forth the potential of which you speak! OH! and we bought potatoes to plant next weekend. Those clouds have a silver lining!

It is nice to hear all the "springy" comments, though I am loathe to think this is all the winter we'll get. I recall so many April Fool's Day blizzards in Upper Michigan, I'm afraid to hope.

I love the shawl! I get anxious when I don't have anything to work on. Isn't that goofy?

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