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Between Blue and Gray

Zen Ziggity

The minute I saw Ziggity she was on my "to knit" list.  I waited while Kirsten had it test knit and watched daily until she published the pattern.  I felt sure the colors I had set aside would blend, would look like part of a piece, as was my vision of my version.


Ziggity had her way with me, as she was entertaining, interesting and enjoyable, whist being easy and charming.  In fact, Ziggity finally took over my knitting desire completely and kept me rapt and enchanted. Her pretty upper border (you can see a tiny little bit in the photo below) attracted me in the the beginning, but when the knitting started I was slightly intimidated. It didn't take long before I had the hang of the repeat and found it very easy to remember.


The yarn also has an ease about it, with its subtle shading and warm hues.  Ziggity and madtosh danced through my fingers and swayed my heart.


Now that she's finished I love her more.  Ziggity is easy to wear, her shape is long enough to wrap and stay, plus she can be worn in many versatile ways.  I love this shawl and have been wearing her daily.

My Ravelry Zig


Just beautiful!

Marianne favorited Ziggity on Ravelry and I was enchanted. Your color choices are lovely, grrl. What a great knit!!!!!

What a great design, yours looks great!

Oh Margene that is beautiful! I love the colour choices you have made. The pattern is wonderful. You must be so happy!

How did I miss this pattern until now? That is fabulous, Margene. I bet Kim will have a perfect yarn for this so I can buy it this weekend!

It looks wonderful on you, so pretty.

The colors you chose are lovely! Great pattern!


Stunning, you both look quite lovely.

Oh, that's just beautiful!! I love your color choices, Margene.

Ziggity is gorgeous, and she suits you perfectly.

that looks so squishy from here! I'm in love with the colors.

Everyone else can comment on the beautiful knit, but I'm going for the great hair!!! Best hair photo ever!
From your hair-color, length, and shape Twin

Oh wow, I LOVE it! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. :)

That Zen sweetheart is so charming. So is her shawl. :)

Love your shawl and the colors you chose. Nice pictures, too.

Most beautiful!

To tell you the truth the original Ziggity does not speak to me but yours made me see the beauty of this pattern.

Beyond beautiful in its simplicity -- and so flattering to you. Congratulations.

Me too! I love it and it looks great on you. You may win me over into shawl loving!

Absolutely stunning!! :D

It is fabulous! I especially love the vibrant color!

GORGEOUS! Another great pattern from Kirsten AND a beautiful knit from you. Fantastic color choice.

Beautiful, and the colors are wonderful!

Perfect shawl color, gorgeous on you! Of course, it IS Heart Month *wink*
You did a beautiful job.

It's gorgeous!

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