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Since the hat makes my hair look weird, I'm pulling a Cookie, and cropping my face away. The hat (a Woolen Rabbit exclusive) feels soft, fits well, and has been a warm covering when I walk. The yarn is The Woolen Rabbit's Mara, the December mailing from the 2011 Yarn Club.  I've heard there will be a 2012 Yarn Club, so you might want to keep an eye out.  I love this hat and the yarn.

My knitting is not at an interesting stage, not very photo-worthy, and it has yet to engage me in much of a conversion. Usually knitting has something to say. It shares a story, a morality tale, a fairytale, or a horror story. But, mine has remained silent. Perhaps, it is just enduring my short attention span, as I just from project to project or, maybe, I’m just hard of hearing.

On my needles is a sock (Kirsten Kapur's Mystery Sock), Kirsten's Ziggity Shawl, Anne Hanson's Luciole (shawl), the Blue Sky Gloves, and the Sky Scarf (which has taken a turn towards gray). Off the needles is a pair of Duffers, a slipper pattern that swept the LYS like a wildfire and popped up on some of my favorite blogs

I'm enamored of everything on my needles, which complicates the issue. I feel stretched thin and drawn in too many directions. Hopefully, I'll be able to clear my focus and settle down long enough to work on one or two projects and, perhaps, take a few pictures.


I got the sole of one slipper done!
See you Tuesday.

Cute color combo for Duffers! I'm having a hard time with focus right now, so keep churning out colorful hexagons. Entertaining, anyway.
; )

Oooh, nice hat! & that color is just luscious!

It is the bleak mid-winter, no matter how strange it may be. Lack of focus is something I think all of us are suffering from right now. Besides, who says monogamy is best?

Cute hat! I'd pick the project that's furthest along and stick with it until it's done. Keep doing that and you won't feel pulled in so many directions.

Love the color of the hat and the yarn looks so squooshy :) and the Cookie you pulled is perfect!

I love your hat! It is a beautiful color...

Good for you!

Sometimes the knitting is quiet and I think that's a good thing. If you love them all, I think it's better that they are being quiet and waiting their turn.

I agree that the hat and the color is very pretty indeed! I just finished Anne Hansen's Slofock for Good Guy and it is quite handsome and warm---he says.
I started a knitalong of Wendy Johnson's Waterfall socks. Maybe I can get past the heel, with "a little help from my friends".

The hat is really cool - love that stitch pattern.

I do love the hat, and am glad it fits you so nicely. Sounds like you have a nice selection of projects to settle in with whenever the settling is available to you.

Knitting refuses to speak to me. Perhaps that is because I have not been knitting. Then again, it might be a chicken and an egg chasing each other in a mad circle.


It is great to have a lot of wips for different moods and situations. The duffers are fun - I see why they crop up everywhere.

Tough to knit out of your usual monogamy. There is always a reason for habits.

What a lovely hat! The color is just wonderful. And, speaking of color, I love the color combo for your Duffers. The thing with knitting. . . is that there are just So Many possibilities. I definitely have that kid-in-a-candy-store thing going on right now. . .

What a beautiful hat! Really gorgeous. And like most people who read your blog, I understand the pull of many different projects at the same time. I hope all is well!

Margene, I love the pattern and the colour although I did get a kick out of your need to crop yourself out! I am trying to work at one project at a time right now (it doesn't mean that there aren't other projects on needles but I just pretending that they don't exist!) so I can understand you feeling a little stretched but if you love them all that is super special too..

I'm struggling with mindset shifting after last minute holiday knitting. We have a roadtrip coming up, and I am counting on it to help with focus.

Your hat is lovely. I look silly in hats, but on a cold walk, who cares, eh?

Ooh, I like the Duffers! I haven't been as engaged with my knitting this week but can certainly relate to that feeling of overcommitment!

I'm trying to focus on Madman's socks, but feel pulled in several directions. (It doesn't help that I got yarn and knitting books for Christmas, or that I've got a fleece begging me to card it...)
Love that hat!
And the Duffers are now waving at me, trying to get my attention.

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