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The Best Cupcakes!

You'd think I'd given up spinning by the looks of things around here, and it's true, I've not spent much time with my wheels. However, lately I've picked up the spindles and have started to spin them again. I love the romance of a spindle and the awe I feel as a bit of fluffy fiber turns into a string of yarn. There is magic involved and believing in magic is good for the soul.

As fortune would have it, my return to spinning coincided with The Cupcake Fiber Company's one year birthday celebration! ONE YEAR in business! Our Joan has been quite successful in her endeavor and I have, on occasion, been enticed by her offerings.


It's been awhile since I've purchased anything because of my lack of will to spin. But, with the enticement of the Cupcake birthday, I decided to check the shop. And, there it was a box of blue fluff in the most amazing blue, a stunning blue that made me gasp, as it sang, it danced, it beckoned… and I flipped.


My simple little purchase was very fortuitous, as I ended up winning a contest prize from the CupCake Fiber Co forum. The stars much have aliened because the prize was a SPINDLE bag! A JessaLu SPINDLE bag! With cupcakes all over it! And it’s blue with cupcakes all over it! And, when the package arrived, it was full of all things cupcake! How cool is that!?


Thank you, Joan and the Cupcake Fiber Company! Thank you, Jessalu! My desire to spin has been buffed up and will soon be shiny and bright!


What a cool surprise! And Blue, too!

Hey! Lucky you! I haven't been spinning either, my sewing machine(s) have been put into service lately and I'm stuck on that for now. I have two boxes of cupcakes patiently waiting.......


Oh, how fun! I love a good theme -- and when there's sweetness involved, all the better!

What a fun prize!! :D

Very nice prizes. And being blue is a bonus!
While I was here I fed your fishies on your sidebar. Fun!

I didn't realize the fishies could be fed. I hope I didn't give them too much...

Wow, those batts really are a stunning color!

Great prize! And the blue is just awesome.

That is one fabulous prize package!

Lovely blue and lucky you to get such a bag full of cupcakes too :)

How fun!

Congratulations to you on winning that prize, All Things Cupcake and Blue! Those batts are luscious!

How adorable! Lovely stuff, indeed.

What a fun package! I have the cupcake bandages, and they are a hoot- and surprisingly durable, which is a definite boon to someone as accident prone as myself!

Gorgeous AND a fantastic prize package - SA-weet!!!

Nice thing about those cupcakes....they are gluten free :)

oooooooooooh, such pretties!!!!

I love that color! Great pick!

Congratulations again on getting picked as a prize winner! I was so happy for you when I realized the random boy had picked you randomly. *L*

Oh, wow! What tasty treats! :-)

Love you Margene!!!

I love that blue it is so vibrant. It must be a sign that you are supposed to be spinning winning all that loot! The bag rocks! Congrats Margene.

Lovely color, and what a great prize! I just got my wheel back out the other day, and have a box of Cupcake fiber in line when I finish the current batch. Enjoy!

I'm giggling here! I thought, "Cool! A good GF cupcake in Salt Lake. Must find out where." But your cheerful blue cupcakes and all that swag is MUCH better for you!

Congrats on the win!

That fiber is so you!


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