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I feel very fortunate to be given the chance to tell you about a wonderful little book that's receiving lots of buzz.  It's quite a charming, albeit quirky, story which even the NY Times Sunday Book Review thought worth a mention.


The author, Mac Bennett, shares the tale of a dreary little town which is changed by the generosity of one little girl, Annabelle, who finds magic in a box. The "yarn" continues from there as Annabelle knits for everyone she can from this one treasured box.


As with any good tale, this story has a villain, an evil, greedy archduke, who fancies lovely clothes. But as you might guess, things don't work at has he'd planned.

While the story is to the point, and the writing is spare, it evokes the message of Annabelle's care and how she changed her world with two little sticks.


The illustrations by Jon Klassen are a perfect complement to quiet little story, as he includes whimsical detail, which highlight the colorful impact Annabelle's box of yarn has on her community.


I love how all the people are then linked together.

So sweet.

I think it looks like a great book.

Thank you for the reminder! I was planning to send some children's books to my niece and I think I will add this to the order!

Very sweet. Two sticks definitely can change your world.

How dear.

And now I know what to get my niece for her birthday - thank you! :)

So very sweet and dear. I need to pick this book up for Gracie, she'll love all aspects of the story.
Thank you, Margene!

I've seen several posts about this book... but your post and spirit are the first that make me want to go out and buy it. Thanks for sharing such a lovely story of our craft.

I sent this book to my 2 1/2 -year-old granddaughter. Not only does she enjoy it, but my 35-year-old son really loves it! After he read the book to his daughter, he even posted a link on Facebook for it!

Ooh, thanks for sharing. I will have to get that to share with Odessa!

So charming! I love the illustrations!

Never underestimate the power of sticks and string---and children's literature. Thanks for the review!

ooo, i've got to find this!

Love it...I know 4 little ones who might enjoy the lesson as much as their (Knit)Nana.

made me pull out my sock overs and make six pairs of baby booties.

What a cute book! I loved his _I Want My Hat Back_, will definitely have to read this!

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