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My handwriting is terrible and it's the main reason I rarely write long hand. Even I can’t read what I write (really and truly true). For years I practiced to improve my cursive and, sometimes, copied the style of friends or family to see if I could find a comfortable way of forming the letters.  As it turns out, my handwriting is all over the place and truly quite a mess, but it isn't going to stop me from writing a letter or note every day this month.


Typing and/or emailing may be more comfortable, but I am not a fan of email (as you may know, as I answer comments infrequently). The main reason is the shear number of emails received in a day (work and personal), as well as, the instant nature of email (do it now!). Writing is a slower form, a beautiful form of expression and it has a "real" quality to it, unlike a blog post, a Facebook update, or a tweet. A note is very personal and dear.


Even if you are not joining in the challenge, you are not excluded from writing a card or letter. Just send one or two notes and you'll see how much joy you feel.  I also do not expect the friends and family who recieve one of my letters to write back.  This challenge is mine and I hold no expectation of others.  It's just for fun!

During the month of February I will write a letter, note, or postcard and send it via US Mail.  If a letter is sent in return, I will make a cup of tea, retreat to my favorite spot, and a take a few minutes to read and enjoy the handwritten words. I will also respond in kind. The postal carrier could become one of my favorite people.


My college roommate and i used to exchange long, handwritten letters (and occasional long phone calls) but she refused to email! She has been gone several years now...miss her, and those letters....

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