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It's That View Again

Well, actually, I stood in the same spot, but took a picture of the mountains just to the south of "my mountain".  Even though, from this vantage point, "my mountain" looks higher, the peaks to the south are the tallest mountains in the range. I've been fearful our view would disappear, as next door is a horse property a developer would love. However, a new barn has been built so the fear has evaporated.


Friday the day started out very gray, but by the time I got home from work, it was 55! Sadly, it has been raining, snowing, or gray and cloudy ever since.


Inside the house, I'm waiting for a little bit of spring to appear. Suzy planted a pot of crocus bulbs for me and they're just breaking through the soil. Everyday I check their progress and I'm enjoying the anticipation, the mystery of the wait.

There has been knitting, but I seem to be enjoying it "behind the scenes". While I like to hearing about the process of a project from other knitters, my own tongue has been tied. One project has worked its way to the fore and has taking the bulk of my attention, while another has had a tiny bit of time. The rest of have been abandon, although, they are never far from my thoughts.

This obtuse project report may not be worth sharing, however, it is all I can muster at the moment. A full knitting confession is marinating in my head, but may take awhile before reaching fruition. It will happen, my friends...soon--ish.


Your mountain is lovely from any angle. It's grey and rainy here today but at least it's not cold.

55! Wow!

It's grey and rainy here, too.

Grey, here, too. No rain, though. Not yet. (And what snow we did have is now just a sloppy mess.) Crocuses, though, make it all seem right! Hope yours are blooming soon.

Such a lovely view.

Honey, we all have times like that with the knitting. Why do you think I work so hard at only having one knitting project at a time? ;^)

You got nothin' to confess. It's your knitting and if it needs to be put in a time out, so be it. If you are bored or tired or just not all that enthralled at the moment, the knitting will wait. Thankfully, the crocus' will not. Mine are greened up (in the yard) and should be blooming in the next few weeks. My snowdrops are still blooming. Hugs, girlfriend!!

We've had a gray day today but warm, though not anywhere near 55! That's amazing. Naturally, there's snow in the forecast. I've brightened up my day with a bit of bright red, now a subdued blue, and I'm just not sure what's next! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your knitting... when you're good and ready to share.
; )

I am just pining for a good long dose of Utah! It's been two whole years!

Who could ever get tired of this view? It's simply spectacular! I love coming to your blog and getting refreshed. I swear I can breathe in the cool, crisp air each time I see one of these lovely pictures. Keep 'em coming!

My pile of languishing knitting would seriously shade yours...
The key to enjoying the process is to pick up the project that seems more enjoyable at that moment. At least, that's what I keep telling myself, as I ignore the mountain of woolly bits off to the side...

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